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USA. Wall Street Journal: Iran and Russia show they don’t take Biden seriously

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The Wall Street Journal assessed that Iran and Russia by their actions show that they do not take US President Joe Biden seriously. According to the newspaper, the American leader “will do nothing to stop them.” According to the daily, this is one of the consequences of the “catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan”.

The Wall Street Journal referred to the increasing concentration of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine and the failure of another round of US-Iran talks over its nuclear program. “Iran, Russia and China are seeking to establish a new regional hegemony and often seem to be working together to do so. Their leaders seem to believe that Biden cannot and will do nothing to stop them,” wrote the conservative daily.


It added that although the Joe Biden administration had informed the media about Russia’s preparations for the invasion of Ukraine and plans to gather 175,000 troops, Washington has so far done little to discourage Moscow from military operations.

“The US promises terrible consequences if Russia decides to invade, but it did not sell additional weapons to Ukraine and failed to mobilize (allied countries – ed.) To collective action during last week’s meeting of NATO ministers” – stated “WSJ”.

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“Tough people in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing will test Biden”

The daily assessed that the Biden administration – although it announced a tough policy towards Russia – showed weakness, e.g. withdrawing from the sanctions against Nord Stream 2. “WSJ” argued that the result of Biden’s recent talks with the Russian president Vladimir Putin was Moscow’s greater assertiveness.

According to the newspaper, both Russia’s more belligerent stance and Iran’s continued development of its nuclear program, despite US warnings, are the result of US forces withdrawing from Afghanistan. “The American press has forgotten Afghanistan, but the rest of the world has not. (…) It seems increasingly likely that Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has raised doubts among US opponents about America’s commitments and the president’s assessment of the situation. warned “WSJ”.

“Tough people in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing will test Biden to increase their power and spheres of influence, and it is not at all clear how or whether Biden will respond to it” – summed up the editors of the New York newspaper.

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