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USA. White House: President Joe Biden uses a CPAP machine while sleeping due to sleep apnea

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A White House spokesman has admitted that US President Joe Biden started using CPAP while sleeping because he suffers from sleep apnea. Biden has been struggling with this ailment since 2008.

President of the USA Joe Biden recently started using a CPAP machine while sleeping because he suffers from sleep apnea, said White House spokesman Andrew Bates, quoted by Bloomberg.

As Bates told Bloomberg, the president used the machine last night. The spokesman also added that Biden had consistently reported in his health reports since 2008 that he was suffering from sleep apnea.

The use of the apparatus, which consists of an air pump with a face mask, is intended to improve the quality of sleep. On Wednesday morning, journalists noticed mask marks on the president’s face.

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US President Joe BidenAl Drago/PAP/EPA

According to a White House official quoted by Bloomberg, the decision to use CPAP is not related to any new medical condition. Sleep apnea is a common condition that causes difficulty breathing while sleeping. snoring.

Concerns about Biden’s health

In the latest report on the president’s health from February, his doctor noted that Biden had undergone sinus and nasal surgeries in the past and struggled with blocked airways most of his life and had asthma.

President Biden, who turned 80 last November, is the oldest sitting president in history USAand his age and health are among the most common comments raised by voters regarding his candidacy in next year’s elections.

According to May poll Quinnipiac University, 65 percent. of voters surveyed believed Biden was too old to effectively carry out his duties for the next four years.

Main photo source: Al Drago/PAP/EPA

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