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USA without a budget. Congress passed it provisionally and President Joe Biden signed the bill

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The US Congress adopted a provisional budget on Thursday to provide funds for the functioning of state institutions until December 3. On the evening of the same day, the bill was signed by US President Joe Biden. Provisional arrangement will avoid the suspension of the administration’s work.

The draft was first put to a vote in the Senate. 65 senators were in favor of the provisional acceptance, while 35 were against. – Glad to see that. Given how much is happening here in Washington right now, the last thing Americans need is state paralysis, said Senate Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer.


Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer after the provisional vote PAP / EPA / JIM LO SCALZO

On Thursday, the bill was voted on by the House of Representatives. 254 congressmen were in favor, 175 against and three abstained.

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To avoid suspending the work of the administration, the provision had to enter into force on Thursday. US President Joe Biden signed them on the evening of that day, just before the deadline.

The provisional leave gives Congress and the White House nine more weeks to reach agreement on the 2022 budget. In addition to the continuation of expenditure until December 3 at the current level, the draft bill also includes additional funds for helping victims of natural disasters (including hurricane Ida) and for the settlement of refugees from Afghanistan.

The US Congress has adopted a provisional budgetShutterstock

The threat of paralysis of the state

Thursday was the last day of the fiscal year, and since Congress has not yet passed a full-year budget, the adoption of the provisional measure was necessary to prevent the so-called shutdown, that is, the suspension of most federal institutions and programs. This happened twice during Donald Trump’s presidency. According to government estimates, the last, 35-day shutdown in 2018/2019 cost the economy $ 11 billion.

This time, Congress managed to avoid the crisis. However, the provisional solution will not solve another potential crisis related to the approaching US debt limit. To avoid bankruptcy, Congress must suspend or raise the limit until October 18, when the finance ministry estimates that the state runs out of funds.

PAP, Reuters, New York Times

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