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Used cars. Prices of used cars are rising, writes Puls Biznesu

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Although more than 15 percent more cars of imported cars from abroad were registered compared to last year, there is still a large supply gap on the market. Second-hand cars are becoming more expensive at a crazy pace despite growing imports. Another record has just been broken – prices and age – writes Wednesday’s “Puls Biznesu”.

In November 2021, over 73.3 thousand. used cars imported from abroad – writes “PB”.

That’s 15.4 percent. more than a year ago and a little less (-3.2%) than in 2019. From January to the end of November, less than 869.7 thous. used cars, i.e. 12 percent more than in the corresponding period of 2020 – informs “Puls Biznesu”.


The age of imported cars is increasing

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The newspaper adds that although imports have clearly accelerated in recent months, there is still a large supply gap in the market.

From the beginning of the year, Poland was entered by 7 percent. fewer used cars than in the corresponding period of the pre-pandemic 2019 – we read. It added that market imbalance affects the market in two ways. Firstly, the age of imported cars is increasing, and secondly, the prices of used cars are rising.

Problems with the availability of new vehicles discourage owners from getting rid of previously used vehicles. The average age of cars imported to Poland this year is already 12 years and 5 months, and in the case of cars with gasoline engines (52.8% of imports) it is even higher – 13 years and 6 months.

Price increases on the used car market

“PB” points out that the price increase is also observed in the automotive market. “A record was set in November – the median was PLN 22.5 thousand, which was PLN 3.5 thousand more than a year ago” – we read.

According to the monthly AAA AUTO report, based on the analysis of data on the sale of used cars in commission shops, on websites and at dealerships, in November 2021, slightly over 200.8 thousand cars appeared in Poland. offers. It is about 22.2 thousand. less than in October and over 30 thousand. less than in November last year – reports “Puls Biznesu”.

– For some models, the price increase exceeds 20%. We are approaching the prices for which these models were sold as new – says Petr Vanecek, COO of AURES Holdings, in an interview with the newspaper.

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