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USS Gerald R. Ford on a mission in the Mediterranean. He was visited by Polish officers and the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski

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The USS Gerald R. Ford is permanently stationed at Norfolk, Virginia, the largest US naval base in the Atlantic, but is now on a mission in Europe. On Monday, Ambassador Mark Brzezinski visited the ship’s deck in the company of several top-ranking Polish military personnel.

USS Gerald R. Ford is the world’s most modern and largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and at the same time the world’s largest military ship. It is also the pride of the US Navy and the pride of the United States.

The deck of the ship was visited by the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, accompanied by several top-ranking Polish military personnel. – Just like it was in the movie “Top Gun”. We landed the plane on the deck of the aircraft carrier using a rope that grabbed the hook at the tail and stopped the plane. (…) I’m a bit afraid of flying, so I was sitting next to one of the Polish generals, a colleague of General Andrzejczak, and I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. I am glad that there are no photos of it – says Ambassador Brzezinski about the visit.

The USS Gerald R. Ford visited Great Britain and Norway and is now sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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– This is the first aircraft carrier designed from scratch in 40 years. We’re enjoying all the new technology we have here, especially the electromagnetic catapults. Thanks to them, we can launch heavier types of aircraft, but also unmanned aerial vehicles. The new catapults put less strain on the machine, which extends the life of the aircraft, says Capt. Paul Lanzilotta, ship’s commander.

USS Gerald R. FordWandering views/Shutterstock

– At the moment we have a system that can launch both the F-18 aircraft and the 180-kilogram drone from exactly the same place. This is important for Polish security, because regardless of whether it is an F-18 or a drone, we have a dynamic system of technology in the Polish sky and areas around Poland, which guarantees that Poland is safe – emphasizes Mark Brzezinski.

As a sign of cooperation and particularly close ties

As proof of the particularly close ties between Poland and the United States, Mark Brzeziński took Rajmund Andrzejczak, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, on board the USS Gerald Ford. Together, they observed the operational capabilities of the ship.

– General Andrzejczak and 15 other Polish military could see the most guarded elements of this extremely important aircraft carrier for the American armed forces. It’s no longer just a matter of taking a picture together, it’s about sharing science, technology and war tactics. so that we will be safer in the future – assures the US ambassador to Poland.

During a mission lasting up to 12 months, the aircraft carrier is home to four thousand men and women soldiers, sailors, pilots, engineers. Their mental health is taken care of by three-year-old Sage – a trained golden retriever who can relieve the stress of duty.

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Main photo source: US Embassy in Warsaw

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