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Ustroń. Collision in front of a pedestrian crossing. One person is dead, another in hospital

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The driver of a Mercedes died after crashing into the back of a truck that was slowing down in front of the crossing. The surveillance video shows the semi-trailer jumping into the air, then the truck hitting the Toyota, which crashes into the delivery car. The woman behind the wheel of the Toyota, crushed on both sides, was taken to hospital.

On March 15, around 11 a.m., an accident occurred in Ustroń. Four cars took part. The driver of the Mercedes died on the spot, and the driver of the Toyota was injured and taken to hospital.

Collision in front of the crossing in Ustroń, one person deadSilesian police

What can be seen on the monitoring

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A surveillance video showing the moment of the accident appeared on the Internet.

Ustroń Nierodzim, provincial road 941, road towards Vistula. The surveillance shows a Renault truck driving slowly, approaching a pedestrian crossing. She is fourth in the line of cars that stopped in front of the crossing. According to police information, there was a Toyota Yaris in front of the truck and a MAN delivery van in front of it. The CCTV shows one more car in front of the delivery van, i.e. the Mercedes was fifth in the queue.

“For undetermined reasons, the man driving the Mercedes did not stop and drove at high speed into a Renault tractor tipper trailer,” we read in the police statement.

The moment of impact is visible on the monitoring. The force is so great that the truck's trailer jumps into the air. And there is a domino effect. The truck accelerates and hits the Toyota. A pushed Toyota hits a delivery van. The first car in front of the crossing probably managed to drive away.

The video from the scene of the accident, which also found its way online, shows that the Mercedes has the front completely crushed, up to half of the car, and the Toyota is crushed at the front and rear, and the body is in pieces.

Collision before the crossing in UstrońSilesian police

Appeal to adjust speed

The police appeal “to all road users to exercise caution on the road, and in particular to adjust their speed not only to weather conditions, but also to those related to traffic intensity.” and also “to use common sense on the road and strictly respect applicable regulations, because by breaking them, we risk our lives and health, those of our passengers and other road users.”

The woman who was driving the Toyota was taken to hospitalSilesian police

Mercedes after the accidentsubmitted

Main photo source: Silesian police

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