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Ustrzyki Dolne Commune. Blank guns, firecrackers and flares. They will scare the wolves that come near the houses

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The Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Rzeszów gave permission to scare away wolves that come close to houses and housing estates in the commune of Ustrzyki Dolne (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). You can fire flares, firecrackers and use bang guns.

The inhabitants of Ustrzyki Dolne say that wolves often appear in the vicinity of their houses. According to their accounts, animals are not afraid of people, so it has become dangerous. They also attack domestic and farm animals.

– This year we already have fourteen confirmed applications. A lone wolf wandered between the blocks of flats at Polski Czerwony Krzyż Street, was seen next to the playground, at Rzeczna and Gombrowicza Streets, and at the cemetery. Further applications are from the following towns: Ustajanowa Dolna, Ropienka, Moczary and Daszówka – said Edyta Oziomek from the City Hall in Ustrzyki Dolne.

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Wolves approach the city (illustration photo)Shutterstock

Blank guns, firecrackers and flares. Residents can scare away wolves

Therefore, the commune received permission from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Rzeszów to scare away or disturb wolves. The decision is valid until September 30. The residents can scare away and use firecrackers and flares. And people with permissions can reach for guns with rubber and bang ammunition.

– The point is for wolves to associate housing with something unpleasant – said the spokesman for RDOŚ in Rzeszów, Łukasz Lis.

They come near the house because it is an easy prey

It also explains why wolves come close to houses. – Firstly, the wolf population is doing well and the animals are returning to the areas that once belonged to them. Secondly, human dwellings are an ideal place for them to feed. All kinds of food leftovers and food waste are a tasty morsel for wild animals, said Łukasz Lis.

Wolves have been under total protection in Poland since 1998. Killing or poaching a wolf is punishable by up to five years in prison.

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