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Uszew. A pedestrian is hit, the head is torn off the body. A tragic accident in Małopolska

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A car ran into a man walking with his dog near the national road number 75 in Małopolska. The 59-year-old and his quadruped were killed on the spot. As reported by the fire brigade and the police, the impact “decapitated” – the head of the pedestrian was torn off the body. The services, however, do not confirm the reports of the local media that the head fell inside the vehicle.

The tragedy happened on Wednesday to Thursday night on the national road no. 75 in the village of Uszew (Małopolskie Voivodeship). – As a result of the incident, the man died on the spot. A dog’s body was found next to his body, said Dominik Machał, press officer of the District Commander of the State Fire Service (PSP) in Brzesko.

Three people were driving a Volkswagen golf that hit a pedestrian. The driver, a resident of the Brest poviat, was sober according to the findings of the police.

The police investigate the circumstances of the accidentPSP Brzesko

As she reported in an interview with tvn24.pl, young asp. Monika Dulkiewicz, junior assistant of the Team for Social Prevention, Juveniles and Pathology of the district police headquarters in Brzesko, the knockdown took place in an unlit place, except for a pedestrian crossing, in the area of ​​an intersection.

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The 59-year-old is deadPSP Brzesko

The circumstances of the accident

The police and the prosecutor’s office are explaining the exact circumstances of the accident. Local media reported that they were gruesome: the 59-year-old’s head was supposed to detach from the body as a result of the impact and fall through the window into the car. We asked the representatives of the services to confirm this report. – I can only confirm the information that the victim was decapitated – says Machał. This fact of the accident is also confirmed by the police. However, the services do not refer to reports that the deceased’s head fell into the vehicle.

The driver and passengers of the car were not injured, but were taken to the hospital due to – as the fireman explains – traumatic experiences related to the situation.

– As a result of the incident, national road No. 75 was completely blocked for nearly three hours – adds Machał.

The investigation in this matter is carried out by the district prosecutor’s office in Brzesko.

Main photo source: PSP Brzesko

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