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Vacation 2021 – tickets. The speed camera in Warsaw registered the most cases of exceeding the speed limit – GITD data

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During this year’s holidays, speed cameras and mobile recording devices recorded 259.6 thousand cases of exceeding the speed limit. The most speeding was recorded by a speed camera in Warsaw, measuring at Spacerowa Street, informed the Chief Road Transport Inspectorate.

The General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) announced that during the summer holidays, the inspectors of the Automatic Traffic Supervision Center (CANARD) conducted speed checks in the most dangerous places with the use of mobile recording devices and a speed camera network.

Speed ​​cameras – fines

“259.6 thousand cases of speeding were registered. The most speeding was recorded by the speed camera in Warsaw, which performed measurements at Spacerowa Street – 1.9 thousand violations” – we read.

GITD data shows that drivers who did not comply with the restrictions exceeded the speed by an average of 28 km / h, although there were also infamous record holders. As indicated, “a driver whose car was registered by a speed camera near Lubliniec was driving at a speed of 136 km / h in an undeveloped area. In turn, in Załuzie, a speed camera registered a car whose driver had 110 km / h on the odometer – it had exceeded the speed limit more than twice”. “The speed of a vehicle in Stopnica was slightly slower – 108 km / h in a built-up area” – added.

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The information provided shows that most, because 95 percent. cases, the perpetrators of violations were drivers of passenger cars.


Vacation 2021 – cruise coaches under control

The Road Transport Inspection also checked 1,768 tour coaches during the holidays. This is over 600 coaches more than the year before. First of all, the coaches used by the youngest to travel on holiday were inspected. “The results of the inspection are 57 detained registration certificates, 14 vehicles not allowed to continue driving and 288 fines imposed” – GITD reported.

It was found, inter alia, cases of sending coaches on the road without valid technical tests, with faults in the braking system, leaks of operating fluids, excessively worn tires or corroded elements of the vehicle’s load-bearing system.

During the holiday season, nearly 27,000 were also conducted. roadside checks for heavy vehicles. As reported, over 34 percent. the violations found in July and August related to improper use of recording equipment. On the other hand, the inspection of the technical condition of vehicles was completed, among others detention of over 1.8 thousand. registration certificates.

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