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Vacation 2022 – Croatia. Access, route, border crossing, tow trucks – the Polish Embassy warns

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The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Zagreb warned on Friday “against increased traffic resulting from the change of tourist camp”, therefore “we should be prepared for an extended waiting period at border crossings and gates on motorways”. Earlier, the Polish representative office in Croatia drew attention to “dishonest road assistance companies”, because using their services may end up reducing the holiday budget by up to several thousand euros.

“According to the facility’s estimates, this year’s season will bring another record for Polish tourist visits to Croatia“- wrote the Polish embassy in Zagreb on Friday in social media. Therefore, it warned against increased traffic resulting from the change of tourism.” One should be prepared for an extended waiting period at border crossings and gates on motorways “- it was written.

It was added that “it is worth considering the use of smaller border crossings and alternative routes to reach the destination”.

Travel to Croatia. Embassy warns

In the context of the trip, the embassy noted that “the heat increases the feeling of tiredness and accelerates the loss of concentration”, so if you feel tired, it is worth taking a break. “And if you feel sleepy, ask a fellow passenger to talk to you until you can go to the parking lot and rest” – he added.

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In a press release, the Polish mission in Croatia also warned “against the risk of more and more frequently canceled and delayed flights – which has already happened this year, due to, for example, strong winds on the coast”. It was pointed out that “due to the high season, finding an emergency accommodation may be much more difficult”.

“Due to the risk of threats posed by sudden weather events (e.g. storms) or fires that have already started and, unfortunately, may intensify during the next heat wave, remember to always stay calm and strictly follow the instructions and instructions local emergency services. In the event that the emergency services have not yet arrived, you should act like the local population “- explained the embassy.

She stressed that “in the event of an immediate threat to life or health, you should first call 112”.

“We urge you to be extremely careful when hiking in the mountains! If you are planning a mountain expedition, inform the people who are staying on the spot (eg the owner of the accommodation) about the planned route! Always have a charged phone and do not turn off the location under any circumstances. Take an adequate supply of water! No go without a hat! ” – was written in the press release.

“Give up sea baths if you consumed alcohol or other stimulants. Protect children from spending all day in the sun – a sunstroke can also kill. Do not leave children alone in a hot car” – emphasized the embassy.

Roadside assistance – a warning against dishonest companies

Earlier, the Polish embassy in Zagreb warned against “dishonest companies offering roadside assistance and trying to extort high amounts, reaching even tens of thousands of kuna (or even several thousand euros)”.

“If you need to use roadside assistance in Croatia, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and contact your insurer in advance to determine the steps to be taken in the event of a breakdown on the route,” said the post on Facebook.

Embassy representatives pointed out that “one should also make sure whether the company did indeed come on call, or whether it is a company that ‘hunts’ for customers and is looking for an easy income”. They also suggested “to request information from the roadside assistance company in advance about the scope of necessary repairs and services, and to at least provide an estimate of costs – in writing or at least by e-mail.” It was explained that if the company refused, it was better to give up further cooperation.

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