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Vaccination against COVID-19. Possible changes in the administration of the third dose

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with the Medical Council on Sunday. As Professor Magdalena Marczyńska said after the talks with the head of the government, it will most likely be possible to administer the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than six months after the primary vaccination. “This change is expected to happen any minute,” she announced.

As reported by prof. Magdalena Marczyńska, the conversation with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Sunday evening concerned, among other things, the inefficiency of the health service. Experts talked about the need to change subsequent wards into covid ones, the lack of places for pulmonology or neurology.


– In the coming weeks, the state’s policy in the fight against the epidemic is to be such as to strengthen even more pro-vaccination activities, to enforce the DDM principle [dystans, dezynfekcja, maseczka – przyp. red.] and impose penalties for not wearing masks where required. More fines are to be issued for breaking these regulations, and the enforcement of compliance with these rules is to be strengthened – pointed out professor Marczyńska.

The third dose is possible earlier than after six months

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Next week, an announcement is to be issued that will most likely allow the third dose of the vaccine to be administered earlier than six months after the primary immunization. – Most likely it will be possible to shorten this period to five months. This change is expected to happen at any moment – she said.

– In the coming weeks, no change in the state’s policy towards the current wave of COVID-19 cases should be expected – said Prof. Marczyńska.

Experts from the Medical Council expressed their mutual hope that MPs sitting in the Sejm – regardless of political groups – will support the provisions of the law allowing employers to verify whether an employee is vaccinated against COVID-19. “We hope that common sense will prevail in this case,” added a member of the Medical Council.

Vaccination against COVID-19Marcin Bielecki / PAP

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki / PAP

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