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Vaccinations in schools against COVID-19. From September, the vaccination campaign for students – what should it look like?

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Vaccinations in schools against COVID-19 are of great interest to some students and parents. From September 1, the facilities will start operating in a stationary mode, but the rules known from before the holidays will still apply: distance, disinfection and masks. Some school principals have also undertaken a new, additional task – organizing vaccinations for students.

The start of the new school year is already on Wednesday. Preparations are in full swing. – The whole school, every day, after the departure of all students, is disinfected and disinfected – says Bogumiła Cichacz, headmaster of Primary School No. 70 in Łódź. Although schools are to operate in a stationary mode, the rules known from before the holidays will still apply – distance, disinfection and masks. An additional task appeared for school principals – the organization of vaccinations for students. – They are important not only for a specific child, but for all those around him – reminds Joanna Połeć-Trusiuk, director of Primary School No. 63 in Szczecin.

Vaccinations in schools – the headmaster’s decision

The guidelines of the Ministry of Education are as follows: in the first week of the school year it is to be organized educational campaign in schools, in the second collecting declarations from parents and then is about to begin the vaccination action itself. Either in schools or at designated points. Some directors have already made up their minds. – For organizational reasons, I do not plan a vaccination point here. We will organize such vaccination points outside, where we will all go out to these vaccinations – says Joanna Połeć-Trusiuk.

– When I cross the footbridge on the other side, I have a vaccination point with which I have already signed a cost-free agreement. We will go to the so-called “vaccination trips” – says Danuta Kozakiewicz, director of Primary School No. 103 in Warsaw.

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Vaccination against COVID-19 at school. All you need is parental consent

The vaccination point will be organized at Secondary School No. 3 in Zielona Góra. On September 9, not only students will be able to vaccinate there, but also their parents and friends. – Everyone can get vaccinated in the hospitable walls of the third high school – announces Zbigniew Kościk, director of the 3rd High School in Zielona Góra.

All children from 12 years of age can be vaccinated against COVID-19. When agreeing to vaccinate a child, the parent must carefully fill in the questionnaire, remember about the child’s allergies and diseases. If a student goes with his school to be vaccinated, he does not have to go with the parent – the parent’s written consent is enough.

– According to our instructions, the parent must, of course, give consent for the child to be vaccinated at school. However, he will not have to be present. On the other hand, what Minister Adam Niedzielski announced, if such points are created at school, a doctor will certainly be present there at each vaccination – says Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science.

Back to school. Minister Czarnek: there is no threat to full-time education in the coming months

Everyone vaccinated counts

So far, the whole country is fully Less than 19 million people were vaccinated, i.e. less than half of Poles. It is even worse among teenagers – so far 1,400,000 vaccinations have been carried out among minors, and we are talking about both doses. To encourage students to vaccinate – High School No. 3 in Zielona Góra creates an unusual competition, because with money prizes. – The class with the highest vaccination rate will receive a cash prize of PLN 5,000 from the Parents’ Council. The second and third class will get PLN 3 and PLN 2,000 each and they will be able to spend this money for any purpose – explains Ewa Markowska – a member of the Parents’ Council of Secondary School No. 3 in Zielona Góra.

The director of the facility admits that if 100 percent of the students from the school were vaccinated, it would be costly for them and quite painful for the wallet. However, he adds that for the safety of the school, the amount of PLN 120,000 would certainly be found. Each vaccinated student reduces the risk of another lockdown and subsequent confinement of students in their homes.

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