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Vaccine lottery. On August 11, another draw. What prizes can I win? Who can take part? What are the rules?

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The value of all prizes paid in the National Vaccination Program Lottery is almost PLN 3.8 million, the press office of Totalizator Sportowy has informed. Another weekly vaccine lottery prize draw will take place on Wednesday. You can win cash or electric scooters.

Totalizator Sportowy, the organizer of the lottery, told PAP that by the end of Sunday, August 8, over 3.6 million eligible people were registered in the vaccine lottery. In turn, almost PLN 3.8 million is the value of all paid awards.

Vaccine lottery – August 11, another draw

On Wednesday, August 11, the fifth weekly prize draw will be held for those who register from August 2 to 8 this year. As Totalizator Sportowy reminds us, in weekly draws, every Wednesday, you can win five times 50 thousand. PLN and 60 electric scooters.

In addition, there are also instant rewards; for the entire duration of the lottery, every 500th participant can win PLN 200 (39,000 x 200 PLN). In turn, every 2,000 players can win PLN 500 (13,000 x PLN 500). The pool of instant prizes is limited, it amounts to 52,000. pieces.

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Last week, the first monthly draw in the vaccine lottery took place, where two Toyota Corolla cars and two prizes of 100,000 were drawn. zloty. The next monthly draw is scheduled for September 8, and the third for October 6. As part of these draws, each month you can win 2 x PLN 100,000 (pool – PLN 600,000) and two Toyota Corolla cars (six items in total).

The final draw will take place on October 6, and the winners will be two prizes of PLN 1 million each, as well as two Toyota C-HR cars.

All prizes in the National Vaccination Program Lottery are exempt from income tax, i.e. both immediate prizes (PLN 200, PLN 500) and prizes in the form of scooters, cars or cash (PLN 50,000, PLN 100,000, and even PLN 1 million). zloty).

National Immunization Program lottery

The National Lottery of the National Immunization Program is one of the forms of encouraging vaccination against COVID-19. It is open to people aged 18 and over, who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination procedure and have registered for the lottery by September 30 this year. You can register via the Patient’s Internet Account on the website patient.gov.pl or by calling the National Immunization Program Helpline at 989.

According to the regulations, prizes are issued no later than January 31, 2022.

Totalizator Sportowy is a company wholly owned by the State Treasury.

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