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Valentino sweatshirt with the words Vaccinated, or Vaccinated, available for purchase for 690 dollars – about 2700 PLN

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The Valenetino fashion house produced black sweatshirts with the inscription “Vaccinated”. The number of sweatshirts is limited and therefore the price can be knocking off your feet – one piece costs 690 dollars, or about 2700 zlotys. The famous fashion house emphasizes that all proceeds from the sale will be donated to UNICEF.

This fashion manifesto began with the creative director of the fashion house Valentino. Shortly after Pierpaolo Piccioli received his second vaccination in August, the designer posted an Instagram photo of him happily posing on the beach wearing a sweatshirt with the letter “V” on his chest and “Vaccinated” underneath. Moments later, Lady Gaga presented herself on her Instagram in the same sweatshirt. This garment turned out to be a gift from the designer and, as Piccioli himself later explained, the design of a little-known Los Angeles-based clothing brand, Cloney.


Valentino sweatshirts for almost 3,000 zlotys

It turned out that this project was so popular with the designer’s friends that the designer decided to contact the owner of the brand founded in 2019 and establish cooperation. Piccioli and the founder of Cloney came to an agreement and agreed that the sweatshirts would be produced in the factories of the Italian fashion house.

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As later admitted Piccioli himself, quoted by “Elle”, he did not want to steal this brilliant idea. “I wish I’d made it up myself,” he added.

Ultimately, the sweatshirts went on sale on September 23 – they are available for sale online on the Valentino website – for $ 690 each. The price seems exorbitant, even if we are talking about a hoodie of a luxury fashion house. However, the brand does not intend to get rich in the pandemic. All proceeds from the sale of sweatshirts will be donated to UNICEF, and the funds raised will be allocated to the global COVAX program, which aims to accelerate development, production, and equal access to vaccines and testing for COVID-19.

– Vaccination has become the most effective way to fight the global pandemic, as well as an expression of respect for others and social responsibility. You cannot hide behind the concept of freedom when deciding not to vaccinate yourself. Of course, freedom should be protected and we should all fight for it, but respecting others as well. Unfortunately, not all countries have the same access to COVID-19 vaccines. Through this collaboration, Valentino is helping UNICEF to provide life-saving vaccines, Pierpaolo Piccioli said in a statement quoted by Forbes, arguing that vaccination is not only important, but can also be fashionable.

Main photo source: BalazsSebok / Shutterstock.com

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