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Valorization 500 plus. Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń comments

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I would be in favor of expanding the support package for the family, admitted Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń in “Rozmowo Piaseckiego”. The PiS politician was asked in the program whether the government plans to increase benefits under the 500 plus program.

On the matter of valuation program 500 plus Artur Soboń, a politician from Law and Justice and deputy finance minister, was asked whether the government would find room in the budget to increase this benefit.

“If we say we’re not working on something, we’re not working on it,” he replied. – If we work on a project, we will inform you that we are working on this project – he added.

Commenting on the 500 plus program itself, Soboń explained that the government had created it as a “general program” which was “supplemented by further programs for the family”. – In total, today it is nearly PLN 87 billion, which we spend for the benefit of the family. Combined with the tax system, which today actually rewards the family, these are the instruments of a real pro-family policy – he described.

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– Should this package be strengthened with further solutions for the benefit of the family? I would be a greater supporter of a larger range of further solutions that will serve the pro-family policy of the state – he admitted. – I, as me, would be in favor of expanding this support package, because it makes sense – he clarified.

Artur Soboń in “Piasecki’s Conversation”TVN24

More of the conversation coming soon.

Main photo source: TVN24

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