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VAT on food. Due to the changes, some stores may be closed on April 2

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People who want to do shopping right after Easter may have a problem with this – notes “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. Some stores may not have time to change VAT rates on food at their cash registers and will be closed on April 2. This applies primarily to smaller establishments that cannot, like discount stores, rely on IT employees who timely adapt sales systems to changes in rates.

“DGP” reminds that last week the government announced its decision not to extend the financial shield. “This means that from April 1 this year, rates on some food products will return to the level before February 1, 2022. On the same day, the rate on some beauty services will be reduced to 8 percent,” we read.

A problem for smaller stores

“The problem is that in order to open a business right after Easter, in many cases the cash register settings will have to be changed during the holidays. If the entrepreneur does not do this, he will have to refrain from selling until the appropriate changes are made,” the article said. .

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“DGP” points out that “some representatives of the cash register industry believe that the decisions to return to the old rates were announced too late and will take place at the worst possible time during Easter.”

“The problem does not concern large retail chains and discount stores – they have IT employees who timely adapt sales systems to changes in rates. Smaller sellers who are unable to move the cash register themselves and must rely on services will be in trouble,” the daily describes.

– We won't be able to open the store on Tuesday after the holidays – admits an employee of a small butcher shop in an interview with “DGP”.

“Entrepreneurs could move their cash registers, e.g. on Good Friday, or even earlier, but then they would not be able to run their business until April 1 this year (because they would apply incorrect rates). And it is before the holidays that they count on the highest revenue. So, on April 2 this year. to resume their activities in the morning, they would have to make changes on Sunday or on holiday Monday,” we read.

Ptaszyński: It's a huge challenge

Maciej Ptaszyński, president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, also spoke about possible problems for stores earlier in an interview with tvn24.pl. – Traders must adapt to the new reality in a very short time, which requires a lot of work from them and the employees they employ – he pointed out.

The president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce added that the decision not to extend the zero VAT rate on food “is even more difficult because this deadline overlaps with the holidays.” This is the time of greatest traffic in stores.

– Finding time to replace price lists related to the non-extension of the zero rate on food from April 1, 2024 is a huge organizational challenge. Stores will not be able to prepare for the new reality in the last days of March, because it is a weekend – not only with a non-trading Sunday, but also a holiday. Entrepreneurs cannot be forced to work during this time, Ptaszyński explained.

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“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, tvn24.pl

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