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Vatican. The Pope spoke about women. Unfavorable words were spoken

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The comment regarding women was allegedly made by popea during a closed-door meeting on Thursday with a group of newly ordained priests – reports “The Guardian”, referring to “Silere Non Possum”. The Italian website claims to have a recording of these words.

The Pope explained what should and should not be done

Francis was to tell newly minted priests what should and should not be done. The Pope advised priests against “slandering” othersand then stated that “Gossip is the domain of women.”

Vaticanso far he has not commented on these revelations in any way.

“The Guardian” reminds that in the past the pope has often spoken about women. With varying degrees of success. – Let us pray for the recognition of the dignity and value of women in every culture and for an end to the discrimination they face in various parts of the world, Francis said in April this year.

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In 2013, speaking about women, the Pope said: they should be mothers, not spinsters. In 2014, he identified several women appointed to the Vatican's international theological commission as “strawberries on the cake”.

The pope's words caused outrage. The Vatican apologized

The media reminds that Franciszek has not been having a good run lately. A few days ago holy father, speaking against the presence of homosexuals in seminaries, the pope said that there was too much “gayism” there, and used the very offensive Italian word “frociaggine”, considered even vulgar.

Francis' words caused outrage in the Italian media. He reacted to the case director of the press office of the Holy See, Matteo Bruniwho emphasized that Francis had said on various occasions that “there is a place for everyone in the Church.”

No one is superfluous, no one is unnecessary, there is room for everyone. For those who are like us,” added the Vatican spokesman, recalling the pope's words.

“The Pope never intended to offend or make homophobic statements and addresses his apology to those who felt offended by the use of the phrase quoted by others,” Bruni added.

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