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Vectry will increase the prices of services – from when? The operator explains

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Vectra will increase the fees for its services by 15 percent from September 2023. “Price indexation will apply to a small part of our customers who have not been subject to indexation so far,” the operator’s press office informed TVN24 Biznes. Vectra explained that high inflation and ever-increasing costs meant that the company was “faced with the difficult decision to make our fees more realistic”.

Vectra’s press office reported that the level of indexation results directly from the semi-annual index of prices of consumer goods and services provided by the Central Statistical Office and amounts to 15.0 percent. On Friday, the announcement of the President of the Central Statistical Office was published, in which it was announced that the consumer price index in the first half of 2023 compared to the first half of 2022 amounted to 115.0. This means a price increase of 15%. Every year.

“Inflation and the ever-rising cost of living raise a lot of emotions”

The fact that “Vectra is sending out information about higher subscription fees again” was reported on Thursday by the industry portal Wirtualnemedia.

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Inflation and the ever-increasing cost of living evokes a lot of emotions and negatively affects all of us. As a host company in millions of our clients’ homes, we are always close to them, thanks to which we are very well aware of the challenges they face. Unfortunately, all entrepreneurs in our country are facing the same problems as they are today, explained the representatives of the operator in the reply sent to us.

Vectra’s press office drew attention to the results of the report “Impact of the macroeconomic situation on the functioning of telecommunications operators in Poland” from June this year, prepared for the Polish Foundation for the Development of Electronic Communications PIKSEL. It indicated that, among other things, operators have been recording significant cost increases in key areas since 2018, and 80 percent of the surveyed companies indicated that the increase in revenues was inadequately low to the increase in costs.

“High inflation and ever-growing costs are the biggest challenges currently affecting every company in Poland. Therefore, we are faced with the need to make a difficult decision to make our fees more realistic. It was not easy, but it will allow us to continue to provide our clients with services at the level that we expect,” the press office said.

Vectra will index the prices of services

Vectra’s press office announced that the indexation of prices will take place from September this year. and will apply to a small part of customers “who have not been subject to indexation so far, but have changed or signed new contracts and whose contracts include relevant provisions”. “All customers were informed about the presence of the indexation clause and its importance when signing new contracts or making changes to existing contracts,” the company assured.

Vectra explained that “valorization of fees is not a change in the terms of the contract and the resulting increase, but the adjustment of fees to the actual value of the services provided.”

“Therefore, our clients cannot terminate contracts in the mode appropriate for termination in connection with changes in the terms and conditions of contracts. However, at any time, they may exercise the right to terminate contracts on the basic terms set out in contracts and the General Terms and Conditions of Contracts” – we read in the reply sent to us.

At the end of last year, the virtualmedia.pl portal reported that subscribers of the Multimedia Polska cable network, which was taken over by Vectra in 2020, receive e-mails from the operator about the change in the terms of the contract from January 1, 2023. At that time, it was pointed out that a modification clause and an indexation clause had been introduced, allowing for the increase of fees during the term of the contract.

About company

Vectra is a nationwide cable operator in the country and a provider of access to television programs in analogue and digital versions, traditional and wireless broadband internet and fixed-line telephony.

As we can read on the operator’s website, Vectra has over 1.7 million customers. On the Polish market, it competes with UPC, taken over by P4, the operator of the Play network, which had 1.6 million customers at the end of 2021.

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