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Vegetable prices – expensive onions. “We are talking about a global crisis”

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Onions are no exception among expensive vegetables – tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are expensive. You have to pay several dozen zlotys per kilogram, so we start shopping by the piece. We have a vegetable problem not only on the Vistula River. Material of the program “Poland and the World”.

Eating vegetables is the same health – provided that the prices do not scar your nerves. – For example, cauliflower – PLN 12. It used to cost seven or five, and now it is very expensive, unfortunately – this is one of the reflections heard at the stall.

The prices are dizzying. Early harvest, i.e. the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when stocks run out and there is no new harvest yet, does not make things easier.

Expensive vegetables in Poland

– What I need, I buy. But usually 120-130 PLN goes. I used to pay PLN 50-60, and now I pay PLN 120 – points out one of the customers of the Polish greengrocer.

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For example, at the Szczecin market, the price of Polish tomatoes reaches nearly forty zlotys per kilogram – seven zlotys per item. – For someone to buy a kilogram of tomatoes, it is really rather impossible – usually one, two, three pieces at most – said Mariusz Janicki, the seller.

Growing vegetables takes time and costs a lot. Especially if the vegetables need extra heating. Producers and buyers are reaping the benefits of last year’s price hikes energy prices.

– Food production is really cost-intensive, especially in terms of energy, labor costs, especially when it comes to raw materials, i.e. fertilizers – and all this has become more expensive. Really, the whole of 2022 is a spectacular increase in costs – explains Andrzej Gantner from the Polish Federation of Food Producers.

– On the Bronisze wholesale market December, January, February – there were raspberry tomatoes and but only from four producers. Instead of 10-20, as it was in previous years – emphasizes Maciej Kmera, an expert of the Bronisze wholesale market promotion office.

What cannot yet be produced locally has to be imported. south Spain and northern Africa affected by winter air had to limit exports.

– We also had a halt in the production of vegetables and fruits in Morocco. And as a result, we pay for fruit in euros, and still earn in zlotys – says economist Dr. Edyta Wojtyla from the WSB University in Poznań.

Expensive vegetables in Europe

A few weeks ago Great Britain based on imports, introduced rationing of some vegetables.

– Restrictions on the amount of fresh vegetables that can be bought at one time in supermarkets in the Islands have just been lifted. The limit of three pieces of tomatoes or one package of lettuce – was in force for nearly 3 weeks, because of the downpours in North Africa, high energy prices and problems with deliveries to the north of Europe – fresh vegetables first ran out of the islands – reports the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN Maciej Woroch.

The vegetable problem in the Islands is under control for now. What can not be said about the rest of Europe. – Crisis with onions – we are talking about a global crisis. On the other hand, you can’t talk only about onions, there is also a problem with peppers and meat, says Slovak journalist Peter Dzurilla.

The onion crisis is associated, among others, with war in Ukrainethat prevents export. – We are also dealing with an explosion of prices in Germany – says Bartosz Dudek, director of the Polish editorial office of Deutsche Welle.

Our western neighbors complain mainly about the record prices of cucumbers. – A single cucumber cost, note, 3 euros 29 cents. This is an absolute record – says Dudek.

The market should stabilize along with the domestic harvest. It will take a while though. At this time, Easter appears on the horizon, and thus great expenses.

We’ll have to wait a while until Christmas. You have to save now so that it will be available for Christmas – says a client of a Polish grocery store.

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