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Vegetable prices in June 2024. How much do fresh vegetables cost – PanParagon analysis

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This year we will pay less than last year for strawberries, beetroot, cabbage and young carrots – according to the analysis of experts from the PanParagon application. The latter is cheaper by almost 23 percent.

The price analysis commissioned by PanParagon includes such vegetables and fruits as: strawberries (1 kg), green asparagus (250 g bunch), beet greens (bunch), early potatoes (1 kg), young carrots (1 kg) and cabbage (1 pc. ). In order to obtain a reliable study, the median prices of these products from May 2023 and the same month in 2024 were compared.

Prices of young vegetables and fruit in 2024

As the analyzed receipts show, four out of six tested fresh vegetables have become cheaper, and two vegetables cost the same as in the previous season.

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We noticed the biggest price reduction in the case of young carrot. In May 2023, the median was PLN 6.99 per 1 kg of this vegetable. This year, in the same month, we paid PLN 5.39 per kilogram of young carrots. That's 23 percent. less than last year – says Antonina Grzelak from the PanParagon application.

Prices strawberries are also lower than in the previous year. In May 2023, a kilogram of these fruits cost approximately PLN 19.99, while in May 2024 the price was approximately PLN 3 lower. The difference is therefore 15%. in favor of the current season. It is worth noting, however, that these fruits are very susceptible to weather conditions and their price in June may become less attractive to the consumer.

Strawberries are 15 percent cheaper compared to last yeartvn24

A significant decrease was also recorded in the case of young cabbage. A head of this vegetable was 10% more expensive in May 2023. compared to the same period in 2024. Cheaper by 1.5%. we also bought green asparagus, a 250-gram bunch of which last season cost approximately PLN 12.99, and this year the median was approximately PLN 12.79.

Interestingly, the median price for a bunch of beet greens and a kilogram of early potatoes in the two periods examined was identical. Both in 2023 and 2024, in both cases we paid approximately PLN 4.99.

In total, the entire basket of novelties included in the study became cheaper by 10%. It is worth noting, however, that the prices of most vegetables were record high last year. However, we are glad that we can now experience financial relief when shopping for fruit and vegetables notes Antonina Grzelak, from the PanParagon application.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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