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Venezuela. Maria Corina Machado. The Supreme Court did not allow the opposition leader to run in the presidential elections

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The leader of the democratic opposition in Venezuela, Maria Corina Machado, will not be able to run in the presidential elections scheduled for the second half of the year. On Friday, the Supreme Court upheld the ban on her holding public office.

Maria Corina Machado, a 56-year-old industrial engineer, won the opposition bloc’s primary elections last October, receiving over 90 percent of the vote.

Friday’s decision of the Supreme Court was made despite the agreement concluded last year Barbados agreement between the government and the opposition under which the regime Nicolas Maduro he committed to carrying out the holidays elections under the supervision of international observers.

In connection with this agreement United States eased some of the sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan oil, gas and mining sector. However, they warned that if the regime did not honor the agreement, it would face consequences.

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Maria Corina MachadoMiguel Gutierrez/PAP

A few hours earlier, the prosecutor general’s office announced the arrest of three of Machado’s associates, who were accused of participating in an alleged conspiracy against the government.

“The regime has decided to end the Barbados Agreement,” Machado wrote on the X platform, commenting on the Supreme Court’s ruling. She accused Maduro of intending to rig the elections and assured that the court’s decision would not end the fight for democracy.

Venezuela in crisis under Maduro

Maduro took over the presidency after Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013. At the beginning of 2019, he was sworn in for a second term after elections that were widely assessed around the world as fraudulent. Western countries did not recognize him as the legitimate president Venezuela.

Nicolas MaduroStringerAL/Shutterstock

Under Maduro’s rule, the country with rich oil deposits is in a deep economic and humanitarian crisis. More than seven million people, or about 20 percent, have escaped since 2014. population.

Venezuela is isolated internationally, and Maduro has declared support for Russia, which attacked Ukraine.

Main photo source: Miguel Gutierrez/PAP

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