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Venezuela. The regime killed 73 people in November

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The independent human rights organization Control Ciudadano (Civic Control) has published a report on the victims of Venezuelan security services. The document shows that in November alone, the regime killed 73 people. According to the Venezuelan authorities, they constituted “a threat to public order in Venezuela”.

The organization said that the report it prepared on the victims of the activities of “police and military officers” was based on reports of deaths of citizens confirmed in local media.


According to CC, the most people were killed by the Venezuelan services in the states of Sucre and Zulia, 23 and 12, respectively. According to media reports, officers killed people who were supposed to pose a threat to public order. The actions were not accompanied by attempts to arrest and bring these people to justice.

Human rights organization: The Venezuelan regime killed 73 people in NovemberJulio Lovera / Shutterstock

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In the opinion of CC, the activities of the services were aimed at “execution” of people considered by the regime to be alleged bandits. “The practice of shooting alleged criminals (on the spot and without a court – ed.) Has become a state policy” – the head of CC Rocio San Miguel summed up in the report.

Controversy around the elections

A significant number of those shot, CC notes, coincided with the regional and municipal elections in Venezuela, won in November by President Nicolas Maduro’s PSUV party. It was victorious in 20 out of 23 Venezuelan states and in the country’s capital, Caracas.

Nicolas MaduroGolden Brown / Shutterstock

In the opinion of EU observers, there were several irregularities during the Venezuelan elections, including biased rejection of candidates for administrative reasons and delays in opening polling stations. President Maduro criticized the negative opinions of observers, calling them “an attempt to slander the flawless and democratic election process”.

Main photo source: Julio Lovera / Shutterstock

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