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Venice. City sewers have dried up. The outflow is to blame

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Venetian canals are almost dry. On Friday, water levels in the city were so low that gondolas ran aground in many minor waterways. The reason for this phenomenon was a rapid, as for this time of year, outflow.

Venice has been struggling with an anomalously long low tide for several days. On Friday, the city’s famous canals were almost dry. The waterways were blocked by boats and traditional gondolas standing on their bottom.

The tides and mysterious death

Although such long low tides are relatively rare in Venice, similar cases have been recorded in the history of the city. In 2005, a 48-hour low tide was recorded, during which the water level was 50 centimeters lower than average. The lowest water level on record, 121 cm below normal, occurred in 1934.

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Usually at this time of year Venice struggles with the phenomenon of “aqua alta”, which means “high water”. As a result of differences in atmospheric pressure at the two ends of the Adriatic and strong gusts of wind, masses of water are pushed onto the land, causing flooding of the city.

This is not the only problem that has affected the Venetian canals in recent weeks. In the city, dead and dying mullets are photographed from time to time. The fish deaths may be linked to low tides, but scientists have yet to discover the exact cause.

Dry canals in VeniceReuters

Dry canals in VeniceReuters

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