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Venice, Italy. Protests on boats and gondolas. Residents want restrictions on the use of motorboats

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The people of Venice are demanding that the use of speedboats in the waters of the lagoon be restricted. As they say, their increased traffic creates waves that erode the foundations of the city. The new regulations could also contribute to the improvement of air quality in the city and the water level.

Hundreds of people in traditional boats and gondolas protested in the Venetian Lagoon on Saturday. Residents of the historic city want to restrict the use of motor boats in the lagoon.

The city is often flooded

In the middle of the reservoir there were, among others, representatives of 31 sailing and rowing associations. The motorboats, the protesters said, cause waves that destroy the city’s architecture and foundations. Venice still regularly suffers from the phenomenon known as “acqua alta” – the seasonal high tide typical of autumn, in which water bursts into the streets and floods tourist attractions.

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The environment is suffering

Protesters also complained about the fumes produced by motor boats polluting the air in the city. They also added that fuel often ends up in the water, which deteriorates its condition and destroys the ecosystem.

In addition to this, they also demanded that the speed of the speedboats be limited, that all boats be recorded and monitored regularly.

The people of Venice are doing their best to protect the city’s ecosystem and heritage as much as possible. Thanks to similar protests, the shipping of cruise ships in the Venetian Lagoon was banned. It is valid from August 1 this year.

Main photo source: Reuters

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