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Venice. Tickets for one-day tourists for entry to the historic center

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The authorities of Venice supported a solution that introduces a fee for one-day tourists to enter the historic part of the city. The system is scheduled to be introduced next spring.

According to the Guardian, Venice will test a ticket sales system under which people visiting the city for one day only will have to pay a fee of EUR 5 (approx. PLN 22) to enter the historic part of the city. This is to limit the number of incoming tourists. The authorities of Venice made the decision on Tuesday. – Regulating tourist traffic is necessary in some periods, but this does not mean closing the city. Venice will always be open to everyone, assures Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice. The authorities agreed that for now the ticket will be valid for 30 days, probably on holidays and weekends in the spring and summer of 2024. However, they emphasized in the statement that city residents, commuters, students, children under 14 years of age, as well as tourists who stay overnight in the city will be exempt from fees. Many details are still unclear, including how many tickets will be available. The plan, which has long been discussed, must now be approved by the city council, which meets on September 12.

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The authorities of Venice are fighting the uncontrolled influx of tourists

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Venice authorities for years they are trying to influence huge numbers of tourists coming to the city. The ticketing plan has been repeatedly postponed over fears it would severely reduce tourism revenues and threaten freedom of movement. Two years ago, the city introduced a ban on large tourist ships from entering the Venetian Lagoon. The ban also aimed to limit wave damage from large ships. However, tourists continue to arrive in large numbers – according to official data, approximately 3.2 million people stayed overnight in the historic center of Venice last year. On July 31, UNESCO warned that the city was at risk of “irreversible” damage, also from mass tourism. The recommendation to include the city on the list of endangered World Heritage Sites will be discussed at a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, later this month.

Simone Venturini, a city councilor who deals with tourism issues, was quoted by the Guardian and said that it was not about making money, but about finding “a new balance between the rights of those who live, study or work in Venice and those who visit the city.”

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