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Vermont, USA. Raccoons on a motorboat. “Suddenly we saw two heads”

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A Vermont couple’s relaxing speedboat trip was interrupted by two sheds. The animals entered the vest locker while still in the harbor and decided to reveal themselves aboard a boat in the middle of Lake Champlain.

Stowaways like this don’t come along very often. A married couple from the state of Vermont, USA, took a speedboat trip to Lake Champlain on July 4th. As they turned off the boat’s engine, two raccoons came into view.

– My wife and I like to take a motorboat to the middle of the lake – turn off the engine and just relax. This time, suddenly, on the left side of the deck, we saw two heads. They were raccoons,” said Steve Lipkin, the boat’s owner.

They enjoyed the cruise

Amateur recordings show and hear that the unexpected presence of wild animals on board caused quite a stir. His wife, Shannon, thought the raccoons must have sneaked into the open life jacket storage while the boat was still in port.

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– When I saw the sheds on our motorboat, I first wanted to jump overboard myself. But seriously, I had no choice. I had to take a motorboat to shore. We took pillows to keep out the raccoons. After a while they calmed down. One of them was standing by the side, as if admiring the views during the cruise – the man said.

Therefore, the only sensible option was simply to go all the way back. The couple and the raccoons swam swiftly to shore. The animals immediately climbed onto the jetty and fled into the blue distance.

“It will be an unforgettable cruise for them and for us,” the man concluded.

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