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Via Carpatia. Tender for the S19 section from the provincial border to Międzyrzec Podlaski. Statement by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has announced a tender for the design and construction of the S19 section from the border of the Mazowieckie and Lubelskie provinces to Międzyrzec Podlaski. The section is part of the international Via Carpatia route. Its length is almost 14 kilometers.

The tender was announced on Tuesday at a press conference in Międzyrzec Podlaski (Lubelskie) by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber. As he emphasized, Via Carpatia is “a way of life, a way of development” which will communicate the eastern regions of Poland.


S19 to Międzyrzec Podlaski – Via Carpatia

– We want Via Carpatia, as the backbone of Eastern Poland, to function at the turn of 2025 and 2026. It will not only improve communication, improve transport, but also will be such a new development impulse for our homeland – said Weber.

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He emphasized that Via Carpatia in Międzyrzec Podlaski will intersect with the future A2 Siedlce – Biała Podlaska motorway, which is also under construction, which will result in a better transport system in the northern part of the Lubelskie Voivodeship in the next few years, and this will contribute to development of this region.

– This will improve transport and communication, but also increase the economic value of the area. I am convinced that highways are such communication solutions that attract investors and make the investment attractiveness of a given place much greater. I am convinced that this area will be inhabited by those who want to run their business in the eastern regions of Poland, said Weber.

The deputy minister remarked that currently in Poland we are dealing with “a huge front of road works”. – We are implementing sections of 1,400 kilometers across the country. Over the next three or four years, this front of works will change into sections of expressways and motorways available to users, and there will be a radical improvement in communication in our country – he added.

The announced tender concerns the design and construction of S19 from the border of Mazowieckie and Lubelskie voivodships to Międzyrzec Podlaski. The contractor will be responsible for the implementation of 13.7 km of the expressway, including the 6.2 km section of the existing Międzyrzec Podlaski bypass, a second carriageway will be built and the bypass will be adapted to the traffic category provided for the expressway.


S19 section to Międzyrzecz Podlaski – implementation

The investment also involves the reconstruction of the interchanges: Międzyrzec Podlaski Północ, Międzyrzec Podlaski Południe, and the construction of, inter alia, access roads and local roads, crossings for large and medium-sized animals, Travel Service Areas (MOP).

The contractor selected in the tender will have 39 months for design works and works, along with obtaining the occupancy permit. Winter breaks from December 16 to March 15 are not included in the works. – We would like to select a contractor as early as next year, so that these works and construction works could be carried out as early as 2023 – said the deputy director of the Lublin branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Edyta Szewczyk.

The investment will be implemented in the Design and Build system as part of the government’s National Road Construction Program for 2014-2023.

S19 – realization of other episodes

At the beginning of August, GDDKiA announced tenders for the design and construction of two other sections of the S19 expressway in Lublin. These tenders concern the construction of almost 16 km of the S19 Lubartów-Kock route and the addition of a second road to the existing 8 km long bypass of Kock and Wola Skromowska. In February, a contract was already signed for the construction of a 23-kilometer section of S19 Lubartów – Lublin.

However, in the southern part of the province. Lublin up to the border of the province. Podkarpackie, construction is underway on all sections of the new S19, in many places the works are very advanced – drivers already use the section from the Janów Lubelski Południe junction to the Lasy Janowskie junction.

The S19 expressway in Lublin will be approximately 200 km long.

S19 is to become the main north-south communication route in eastern Poland and part of the international Via Carpatia route, which is to run from Klaipeda and Kaunas in Lithuania via Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszów and Slovak Košice to Debrecen in Hungary, and then to Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

PAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

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