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Viktor Medvedchuk. Media: The transfer of the pro-Kremlin Ukrainian oligarch to Russia took place in September in Ankara

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Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-Russian politician and friend of Vladimir Putin, was handed over to Ankara airport in September last year as part of a prisoner exchange, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported. It added that the operation was coordinated by Turkey’s intelligence services.

Aircraft landed at Ankara airport Ukraine and Russia, after which the exchange was carried out “silently”. The project took place on the initiative of Moscow, which demanded from Kiev that the five commanders of the Azov regiment remain in the territory of Turkey. The Ukrainian authorities agreed to this condition, the newspaper reported.

Medvedchuk has been considered a Kremlin lobbyist in Ukraine for the past two decades. He was supposed to have close contacts with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. In 2003, Putin became the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter. In recent years, the pro-Russian politician was one of the leaders of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, represented in the Ukrainian parliament and considered a party supporting Moscow’s interests.

Viktor Medvedchuk after being detained by the SBU. Photo from Aprilfacebook.com/zelenskiy.official

Exchange of Medvedchuk

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When the war broke out in February 2022, Medvedchuk – accused by Kyiv of high treason – escaped from house arrest, but was captured. He then appealed to the authorities Russiato agree to exchange him for the defenders of Mariupol and the civilians in the city, but the Kremlin initially did not respond to his appeal. The oligarch was released only after a few months.

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The exchange, carried out on September 21, 2022, was one of the largest operations of this type since the beginning of the war. It covered 215 Ukrainian soldiers, as well as 10 foreigners who fought on the side of Ukraine. The authorities in Kiev released 55 Russian servicemen and Medvedchuk.

Main photo source: facebook.com/zelenskiy.official

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