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Viktor Orban, Hungary. Expert on his visit to Kiev and Moscow

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's visit to Kiev went well, but during Friday's meeting at the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin “humiliated him” and “made a fool of him,” said Andras Racz, a Hungarian security expert at the DGAP think tank. He said the visit to Moscow “seriously damaged the already fragile image of Hungary and Hungarian foreign policy in Europe and the US.”

Orban's presence in Moscow has been met with criticism from Western European politicians, who emphasize that the prime minister Hungarian There is no mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU on war in Ukraine. Orban replied that he wanted to explore the positions of both warring parties. According to the prime minister, he is preparing a report on this subject for the European Council.

“In Moscow, Putin made it clear that Russia would end the war on its own terms, despite Orbán's futile attempts at mediation,” Andras Racz wrote on his Facebook profile.

In his opinion, the Hungarian Prime Minister's “peacekeeping mission” has essentially ended in Moscow because “it is difficult to mediate if one of the parties does not want to negotiate.”

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Echoes of Orban's visit to Moscow

The last meeting of the two leaders before Friday's visit to Moscow took place in early February 2022. As the DGAP analyst recalled, at that time Orban also called the visit a “peace mission”, while three weeks later Russia launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine.

According to Racz, it is unlikely that the Hungarian prime minister will propose a plan to end the war in Ukraine, which has been sought for two years by “the largest, influential powers in the world”, including USA, China, Brazil Whether Türkiye.


Putin “humiliated” Orban

According to the analyst, Orban's visit to Kyiv was successful and may bring tangible results, for example in the matter of the approximately 100,000-strong Hungarian minority in Zakarpattia. “(The visit to Ukraine) is the best thing that has happened in high-level Hungarian-Ukrainian relations in years,” the expert added. “The trip to Moscow was almost its exact opposite, with the similarity that it was organized in a hurry in a very short time,” Racz noted. As he assessed, Putin “humiliated Orban” by openly repeating his demands, and also deliberately calling him a representative of the EU, which was not true.

The attempt to keep the Moscow visit a secret until the last minute “seriously damaged the already fragile image of Hungary and Hungarian foreign policy in Europe and the US,” wrote the DGAP analyst. “The fact that Putin could publicly try to drive a wedge into the EU ranks with Orbán and that he could use his visit to repeat his ultimatum (…) was solely in Russia's interest,” the expert added.

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán continued his “peacekeeping mission” on Monday, which he began after Hungary took over the six-month presidency of the EU Council on July 1. After Kiev and Moscow, he visited Beijing; then he will appear at the NATO summit in Washington.

Tusk on Orban: he has no right to do anything on behalf of Europe and Ukraine that has not been agreed with them

The Prime Minister also commented on Orban's visit to Moscow during a press conference. Donald Tusk, who met with Volodymyr Zelensky in Warsaw on Monday. – History remembers politicians who convinced themselves and others that they were working for a just peace, while in fact they were working for capitulation. And these politicians have written themselves into pages of shame – said Tusk, emphasizing that he dedicates these words to Orban, who recently visited Kiev and Moscow.

– A just peace, and this is what Europe and Poland stand for, is a peace that respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its full independence, its electionssuch as the choice to be a member of NATO or the European Union. This is a just peace and we will want to work together on such peace – he added, also announcing that the Polish presidency (of the EU Council – ed.), after the Hungarian one, will serve such understood peace.

– There is no question of capitulation and this peace will certainly not be recorded in secret talks in the Kremlin – Tusk emphasized, expressing hope that these words will reach Orban as soon as possible, as well as other European presidents and prime ministers. – He has no right to do anything on behalf of Europe or Ukraine that has not been agreed with Ukraine and Europe – he emphasized.


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