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Viktor Orban in Moscow. Hołownia: There is something cruel in Orban's behavior

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First he went to Ukraine, where the blood of the victims of Russian imperialism is still fresh. Then he goes to shake the right hand of someone who is responsible for this blood of victims – said on Saturday the Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia. He assessed that “there is something cruel in it”. Prime Minister Donald Tusk asked “if anyone feels safer after Orbán's conversation with Putin”.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Holownia asked by journalists on Saturday about the Prime Minister's meeting Hungarian Viktor Orban with the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin he responded that Orban and his policies are “a serious challenge, a serious problem for the European Union today.”

– I understand that there is some messianic idea of ​​his own in this. In general, it seems that for some time now, certain messianic visions have accompanied him in politics. He would like to be – this is what it seems to me, this is how I perceive it – some kind of avant-garde of I don't know what, in this part of Europe, which will go against what we all feel and understand – said Hołownia.

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– First he went to Ukrainewhere the blood of the victims of Russian imperialism is still fresh. Then he goes to shake the right hand of someone who is responsible for this blood, who is responsible for these rapes, who is responsible for this misfortune, for destroying hospitals, for attacks on power plants, for killing people. He shakes his hand and appoints himself as someone who will now negotiate peace – said Hołownia. He assessed that “there is something cruel in this”

He added that it was an expression of political pride, hypocrisy and lack of sensitivity to human blood and to the harm done to innocent people.

Hołownia: Putin opens champagne, Putin claps his hands

Hołownia also pointed out that Orban is doing this as the head of the state that currently leads the European Union. – So he intends, or has an idea, to draw us into his politics in this way symbolically – he emphasized. He reminded that in six months Hungary's presidency of the EU will end and Poland will take it over. Then – as Hołownia emphasized – no one will have any doubts about the attitude of the European Community towards Russian aggression against Ukraine.

– Putin loves, Putin opens champagne, Putin claps his hands when he sees politicians with such an approach as Viktor Orbán. He should simply be ashamed of it – said the Speaker of the Sejm.

Tusk: Does anyone feel safer after Orban's conversation with Putin?

Prime Minister Donald Tusk asked on Saturday on Platform X whether anyone felt safer after the meeting between Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin.

“Does anyone feel safer after Viktor Orban's conversation with Vladimir Putin about the 'post-war security architecture in Europe'?” Tusk wrote. “History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” he added.

Orbán in Moscow

Prime Minister of Hungary arrived in Moscow three days after visit to KievAs he himself says, his “peace mission” is aimed at learning the positions of the warring parties. Hungary's allies criticize Orban's initiative, denying him the right to represent the entire EU, of which Hungary currently holds the six-month presidency.


Orban said after Friday's meeting with Putin at the Kremlin that the positions of Russia and Ukraine on ending the war are very far apart. “We consider the fight for peace to be the most important task during our presidency of the European Union,” he emphasized. He added that “without diplomacy and channels of communication, we will not achieve peace.”

– After two years of war, there are no countries that maintain contacts with both warring sides. Hungary is one of the few such countries – Orban noted.

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Putin said he viewed Orban's visit as an attempt to “resume the dialogue” and “give it an additional impetus.”

Reactions of EU representatives

President of the European Council Charles Michel wrote on Thursday on X that the rotating EU presidency, currently held by Hungary, has no mandate to establish contacts with Russia on behalf of the EU. This was repeated on Friday by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell.

Although Orban admitted in an interview that Hungary does not have a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU on war in Ukrainethey want to investigate the positions of both warring sides.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday that Hungary had informed the alliance that Prime Minister Viktor Orban was planning to visit Moscow. Stoltenberg expects Orban to report on his visit to the NATO summit in Washington next week.


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