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Viktor Orban – words about Ukraine – Vladimir Putin is not a war criminal, Ukraine should no longer be perceived as a sovereign state. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Radosław Sikorski comment

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Ukraine is no longer a sovereign state, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview. He also added that he does not consider Vladimir Putin a war criminal. “I wonder who, or rather what, inspires such statements by this politician,” Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, wrote on Twitter. – I do not recognize the young, liberal anti-communist with whom I used to be friends – stated in “Fakty po Faktach” former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense Radosław Sikorski.

“Ukraine is no longer a sovereign state because it has neither money nor weapons. Kiev can fight Moscow only because it enjoys the support of the West,” said the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with the German newspapers “Welt” and “Bild” and the Politico portal.

He also said he didn’t think so Vladimir Putin for a war criminal.

“The problem is that the Ukrainians will run out of troops sooner than the Russians. This will be a decisive factor in the final analysis. That is why I always appeal for peace, peace (and again) peace. Otherwise (Ukraine) will lose huge resources and many lives. There will be unimaginable destruction,” added the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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Adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry: I wonder who or what inspires Orban’s pro-Russian statements

Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, referred to Orban’s statement on Twitter. “I wonder who or rather what inspires such statements of this politician?” – he wrote.

“Perhaps the record gas price cuts Russia is now offering to its allies?” – added a representative of the authorities in Kiev.

Criticism of the attitudes of the Hungarian government

In recent months, the authorities in Kiev have repeatedly criticized the attitude of the Hungarian government, including Prime Minister Orban, towards Russia’s invasion of the neighboring country. In June, the Ukrainian side expressed indignation at the actions of Budapest, which agreed with Moscow on the transfer to Hungary of 11 Ukrainian prisoners of Hungarian descentpreviously freed from Russian captivity.

– The purpose of this was very simple. Viktor Orban intended to show his compatriots at home and abroad that he was their only protector. The whole operation was carried out with one man’s political interests in mind, announced the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on June 19 Dmytro Kuleba.

Viktor OrbánPAP/Albert Zawada

“Orban’s words about our country are absurd, humiliating and insulting,” Mikhailo Podolak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, assessed on June 2, referring to the previous statement by the head of the Hungarian government that Kiev “could not win a war” with Moscow.

Sikorski on Orban: I do not recognize the young, liberal anti-communist with whom I used to be friends

The PO MEP referred to Orban’s words in the Tuesday edition of “Fakty po Faktach”. Radoslaw Sikorski, former head of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – Putin was accused of war crimes not by some Russophobes, journalists or even governments, but International Criminal CourtSo Orban is against the institution that Hungary belongs to,” he said.

– I do not recognize the young, liberal anti-communist with whom I used to be friends. But it seems to me that our ruling party should explain this political alliance with Orban, Le Pen, Salvini, because what Orban does and says is unacceptable, he added.

Asked about his acquaintance with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Sikorski replied that the last time he spoke to him was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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