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Viktor Orban's visit to Moscow, NATO summit in Washington. Grzegorz Schetyna comments

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– Viktor Orban's visit to Moscow lends credibility to Vladimir Putin, this is a very frivolous policy – said Grzegorz Schetyna, senator of the Civic Coalition, in the past chairman of the Civic Platform and head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. In his opinion, the Hungarian prime minister is conducting “pocket diplomacy”, which is harmful to both the European Union and Ukraine.

On Monday evening, the president Andrzej Duda together with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski goes to Washington, where the summit will be held from Tuesday to Thursday FOR THIS.

Earlier that day Russia She carried out massive missile attack on Ukraine. Among others, the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kiev, the largest facility of this type in Ukraine.

The senator of the Civic Coalition spoke about the Russian attack on Ukrainian cities and the beginning of the North Atlantic Alliance summit in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Grzegorz Schetynain the past, among others, the chairman of the Civic Platform and the head of Polish diplomacy.

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Schetyna: Putin cannot be allowed to win

According to the KO politician, the Russian attacks are related to the NATO summit, but also to the visit of President Volodymyr Zelensky to Warsaw.

Referring to the meeting in Washington, the TVN24 guest said that “the issue of Ukraine, the Ukrainian struggle for subjectivity, sovereignty will fill the entire summit”. – This will be a topic that will be inflected by all cases and it, with its content, will dominate the entire debate and all voices – he assessed.

According to Schetyna, talks about Ukraine and emphasizing the importance of the aid that flows to it “will force important countries that have so far been reserved about involvement, in terms of the budget, to increase their budgets (defense spending – ed.) to 2 percent of GDP, to invest in armaments, to supranational solidarity, not only European”. – This debate will be a determinant of this and in my opinion it will bring about the commitment of these countries to greater involvement in work on common security – stated the senator.

– We cannot allow Putin to win, because if Putin wins, he will win with Ukraine, and there will be other countries. The Polish voice is important here, because we are a frontline country, we were the first to help Ukraine so much, without any calculations, at every level, we opened our homes, hearts, helped with armaments and now we say: “we must continue to be together with Ukraine, we must support them”. Because this is about everything – about the security of our country, about the security of Europe and the entire free world – he emphasized.

Schetyna: Russian attacks are related to the NATO summit and Zelensky's presence in WarsawTVN24

Schetyna on “pocket diplomacy”

When asked about what encouraged Putin to take such actions as Monday's attacks, Schetyna replied that the prime minister's recent visit to Moscow could have had an influence on this. Hungarian Viktor Orban, who first went to Kiev and then to the capital of Russia. In his opinion, “Putin treated this visit as a political and diplomatic success.” He added that it was “Orban's fatal political mistake, harmful to the policy of the entire European Union.”

According to Schetyna, Orban's appearance in Moscow “makes Putin more credible”. – (Orban – ed.) he believed that if he had been in Kiev before, he could go to Moscow, later he went to Beijing. This is pocket diplomacy, unserious politics and today it is very harmful to the European Union, harmful to the European community, harmful to Hungary. But for some time now they have been putting themselves on the margins of European politics, because unfortunately Hungarians keep choosing him, they do not choose the Western option, they do not choose the option of the free world – added the guest of “Kropka nad i”.

Schetyna on Orban: this power makes him intoxicated

Asked about the reasons for Viktor Orban's attitude, Schetyna replied that the politician has changed a lot over the years, and “power intoxicates him”. – This power is leading him to a bad place, it evokes bad emotions, (he) is a pest of European politics, it harms the cause of freedom, sovereignty of Ukraine – he added.

– It's simply on the wrong side. I say this with regret, because it really seemed that these relations of the middle, central Europe would be built on our historical relations between Poland and Hungary, and that cannot be the case today – said the guest of TVN24

Main image source: TVN24

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