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Villa Balbiano from “The House of Gucci” for rent on Airbnb

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Situated on the west shore of Lake Como, Villa Balbiano is an architectural jewel whose splendor and panache can be seen in Ridley Scott’s latest film “The House of Gucci”. The patriarch of the Aldo Gucci family lived here. Lovers of fashion and film scenery will therefore be pleased that this 16th-century palace has been included in the Airbnb offer. From December it will be possible to book a stay there, but only for one day in March.

Villa Balbiano has a long and colorful history. Its first owner was Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, who built this stately property at the end of the 16th century.

Today, as almost five centuries ago, the residence still delights and intimidates with its splendor. Although many beautiful mansions have been built on Lake Como, Villa Balbiano is one of the largest and most majestic.

Villa Balbiano for rent

Located among green hills, the residence is surrounded by an unusual garden, the charm of which has been appreciated by experts from the British Association of Garden Designers. An additional advantage of walking around the villa is the view of Lake Como. The interior of the palace is no less impressive. There are numerous antiques and precious works of art, and the walls are decorated with breathtaking frescoes.

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“Its rich history, as well as its unparalleled blend of man-made and natures beauty, make Villa Balbiano one of the most spectacular places on Lake Como,” the Airbnb announcement reads.

The possibility of booking accommodation in this place begins on December 6. However, there is only one overnight stay on offer – March 30th. And although the vision of living for one day in Aldo Gucci’s house is tempting, for this luxury you have to pay the equivalent of PLN 4.6 thousand.

For a smaller amount, the interior of this beautiful mansion can be seen in the movie “Gucci House”. This is where Ridley Scott shot some scenes for his latest production starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Al Pacino.

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