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villa plus. NIK audit on Przemysław Czarnek’s subsidy. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski comments

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The million-dollar subsidies of the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Przemysław Czarnek, for foundations close to the ruling camp, came under the scrutiny of the Supreme Audit Office. The former head of the NIK, Senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski pointed out in the program “One for One” that the most important criterion of the NIK is purposefulness. – And what was that purpose? It is not included in the goals that the PiS guys, their friends and acquaintances, should get a villa or a few million to buy it for themselves – he said.

Last week, the inspector of the case villa plus KO deputy Katarzyna Lubnauer informed that the inspectors of the Supreme Audit Office had entered the Ministry of Science and Education. – NIK issued an order to secure all documents, digitize them and send copies to the Supreme Audit Office – she said on Radio Zet.

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, an independent senator and former president of the Supreme Audit Office, was asked about what questions should be answered by auditors and what raises the greatest doubts here.

– NIK is guided by several criteria: legality, economy, reliability, purposefulness of decisions. The inspectors come in and collect all the documentation, i.e. announcements about competitions and whether they were properly announced. Secondly, (it’s about) the regulations, whether the minister was guided by them when deciding the competition – he described.

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Reminding that Czarnek had his own ministerial commission on this matter, Kwiatkowski added that “we know that the minister changed these experts and it turns out that these experts, from his point of view, were recalcitrant.”

– Finally, there is the most important criterion of the Supreme Audit Office: purposefulness, whether the action served the purpose defined in the competition. And what was that goal? It wasn’t written in the goals that the guys from PiS, their friends and acquaintances, are to get a villa or several million each to buy it. The purpose of this competition was an educational activity for children and youth. What turns out? That they receive (grants – ed.) organizations established three days earlier, organizations that are famous for party events, but have not implemented any educational project in their lives – he pointed out.

>> Injustice Fund. They didn’t deserve it, and they got millions anyway. More than half of the grant applications were assessed negatively

“Minister Czarnek in PiS comes close to perfection, to deity, to the ideal of a political creation”

Kwiatkowski further claimed that “NIK auditors are independent” and added that he had “full confidence in their professionalism”. – But I have no doubts that the purposefulness has been broken, and if the purposefulness has been broken, it will be described in the audit of the Supreme Audit Office and Minister Czarnek should receive a negative assessment of this audit, along with all the consequences – he declared.

– Let’s divide the consequences into political and formal ones. Political? In PiS, Minister Czarnek borders on perfection, on deity, on the ideal of a political creature that builds the pillars of Law and Justice, financial pillars on the basis of previously won elections. And when it comes to formal consequences, we will read the NIK protocol. There is a possibility of violation of public finance discipline, there is a possibility of committing a crime, which will be assessed by the prosecutor’s office, the first application will be assessed by the spokesman for public finance discipline – he mentioned.

As a reminder that the prosecutor’s office is controlled by the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General Zbigniew ZiobroKwiatkowski countered that when NIK sends notifications based on inspection conclusions, the prosecutor’s office may indeed refuse to initiate an investigation or discontinue it. – But Supreme Chamber of Control He can appeal against this decision to the court and then the court issues a decision – he said.

Kwiatkowski: we’ll see if there will be a decision to return the funds

Can funds granted against the rules be recovered? – Of course, there is the durability of the project – Kwiatkowski replied. We’ll see if there’s a refund decision. Then the organization will have to sell the property to return the money to the Treasury, he added.

– I have no doubts that if the opposition wins these elections, which I believe, I keep my fingers crossed and I work hard for it, one of the first things we will check is the villa plus project, so that only “plus” will remain from this project application to the prosecutor’s office against Minister Czarnek and all those who were involved in these decisions – he declared.


Main photo source: PAP/Adam Warżawa

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