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villa plus. Subsidies from Minister Przemysław Czarnek for the purchase of real estate. Tomasz Siemoniak comments

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Tomasz Siemoniak from the Civic Coalition, commenting on “Kropka nad i” on TVN24, said that “it cannot be that someone gets a villa as a reward for participating in politics.” – If President Jarosław Kaczyński knows about this and sees how people perceive it, I think that in a few days we will have a turning point in this matter – he added.

Villa Plus. 10 things you need to know about public millions distributed by Minister Czarnek

Journalists tvn24.pl Justyna Suchecka-Jadczak and Piotr Szostak described how money from the fund of the Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek went to organizations close to Law and Justice. Multi-million subsidies were allocated for the purchase of new premises. Houses in Warsaw’s Mokotów and Ursynów districts, an apartment in a historic tenement house, a plot with two ponds, its own forest and a “beekeeper’s house” – these are just some of the properties that Czarnek financed with public money.

Journalists also established that a number of applications at the first stage of the competition were received negative evaluation by the competition commission.

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Siemoniak: Czarnek should not be a minister

He commented on the case in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Tomasz Siemoniak from the Civic Coalition, former Minister of National Defense.

– Minister Czarnek is clever, because he distributed all PiS coteries and cliques with these villas. There is also a man from the president (Andrzej) Dudaand the minister (Michael) Dworczyk from Prime Minister (Mateusz) MorawieckiFundacja (Polska) Wielki Projekt… They all take part in this practice, therefore no one is able to criticize it – said Siemoniak.

Speaking about Przemysław Czarnek, the KO politician said that “this man has nothing to do with some common good, he should not be a minister”. – The minister is for the whole of Poland, he distributes the money objectively, and he just pulls the cloth towards himself. I am surprised that PiS is unable to dissociate itself from such a practice, he declared.

He assessed that “this matter will be very costly for PiS, because people started talking about it.” He added that “even the enfranchisement of the Polish People’s Republic nomenclature was not done in such a brazen, unceremonious way as giving organizations money to buy a villa in Warsaw, giving money to organizations that exist for a week or a month.” “These are clearly crony plays,” he said.

Siemoniak: it cannot be that you get a villa as a reward for participating in politics

According to Siemoniak, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “should immediately expel Czarnek”. – Maybe it would be another chance for Morawiecki’s normal, decent face. But he is weaker than any of his ministers. It is embarrassing that this prime minister is unable to hit the table with his fist when state property is taken away – added the TVN24 guest.

According to a politician from the Civic Coalition, “the measure of merit in PiS is who has torn the cloth towards himself more.”

He noted that “after five years, PiS politicians will have this property.” “They can sell it, they can live there, they can use it, they can rent it,” he enumerated.

Siemoniak said that “it cannot be that someone gets a villa as a reward for participating in politics.” – If the president (Jaroslaw Kaczynski knows about it and sees how people perceive it, I think that in a few days we will have some solstice around this matter, because it is simply unacceptable – said the guest of “Dots over i”.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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