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Vintage cars – license plates. Ministry of Infrastructure on possible changes

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The Ministry of Infrastructure will analyze the possibility of marking historic vehicles with reduced registration plates. Such a solution may be included in the new regulation on vehicle registration and marking and the requirements for registration plates, which must be issued by the ministry by September 4 next year.

From July 1, 2018, some car owners can order registration plates with a narrowed font and reduced dimensions. This solution was introduced for cars imported from the USA and Asian countries. Currently, registration plates have the standard dimensions of 520 by 114 mm. Meanwhile, cars in the USA and Japan were designed for plates with dimensions of 305 by 115 mm.

However, the owners of vintage vehicles cannot, for example, use the option of ordering smaller plates. Meanwhile, these are often vehicles that are not adapted to mounting registration plates in standard dimensions. Paweł Poncyljusz, MP from the Civic Coalition, asked the Minister of Infrastructure about why owners of historic vehicles cannot use smaller plates.


Vintage cars – license plates

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The answers, on behalf of the Minister of Infrastructure, were provided by Rafał Weber, deputy head of the Ministry of Infrastructure. As he recalled, it is not possible to introduce the existing historic number plates in the format of standard reduced plates without changing the system of issuing and producing historic plates. “In particular, due to the use of a special, embossed symbol on historic plates, as well as the need to meet the general requirements for license plates (such as font size, visibility)” – explained Weber.

At the same time, he informed that the Ministry of Infrastructure is obliged to issue a new regulation on the registration and marking of vehicles and the requirements for registration plates by September 4, 2022. It is related to the provisions of the so-called deregulation package, i.e. the Act on Amending the Road Traffic Act and some other laws, which was announced in early September last year.

“Bearing in mind the repeated inquiries regarding the marking of historic vehicles with reduced license plates (e.g. from the circles of historic vehicle enthusiasts), in the course of work on the draft of this regulation, the Ministry of Infrastructure will analyze the possible possibility of introducing another solution that will allow the issuing of reduced license plates for historic vehicles, and which at the same time will ensure that the plates will properly distinguish these vehicles in road traffic, “Weber said.

As he explained, the Ministry of Infrastructure will take into account the expert opinions of representatives of license plate manufacturers and the Motor Transport Institute, which certifies the number plates produced.

Historic car – how many years

According to the Road Traffic Law, a historic vehicle is a vehicle that has been entered in the register of monuments under separate regulations or is in the provincial register of monuments, as well as a vehicle entered in the inventory of museum objects. Such a car must meet several conditions, including be at least 30 years old, 15 years must have passed since the end of its production, and moreover, it has a minimum of 75 percent. original parts. You can recognize them by the yellow plates with the poviat distinguishing mark and a specially embossed symbol of a historic vehicle.

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