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Violent storms and tornadoes in the USA. 33-year-old struck by lightning, grapefruit-sized hail

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Violent storms swept through several US states. The phenomena were accompanied by intense rainfall and strong winds, which in places reached speeds of 135 kilometers per hour. There was also hail the size of grapefruits. As a result of the violent weather, a 33-year-old man was struck by lightning. Three other people, including a child, were injured.

The storms hit the southern, southeastern and mideastern parts of the US on Wednesday night and Thursday. A powerful tornado has formed in northwestern Florida. The phenomenon was accompanied by hail with a diameter of 6.5 centimeters.

City in FloridaENEX

Struck by lightning and injured

On Thursday morning, a 33-year-old man was struck by lightning on a pier in Panama City Beach, Florida, when a strong storm swept the city, according to the local police. In Brevard County in the same state, but the day before, an adult and a child were injured by violent storms. Strong winds overturned the vehicle with four passengers inside, said Don Walker, a spokesman for the Brevard County Fire Department. He added that the child was hospitalized and the adult was taken to a trauma center and is in stable condition. The US National Weather Service (NWS) reported that winds reached speeds of nearly 100 kilometers per hour during the event.

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In southern Brevard County on Wednesday, several homes in a mobile home parking lot were riddled with hail that fell on the area in the afternoon.

On Thursday, another man, from the town of Naperville, Illinois, was seriously injured as a result lightning strikes. Local police said a bystander performed CPR on the injured man before paramedics arrived and took him to hospital.

Damage in Brevard County

Damage in Brevard CountyENEX

Grapefruit-sized hail

Nearly 140 kilometers south of Dallas, Texas, two powerful tornadoes hit around 5 p.m. Wednesday local time. The phenomena were accompanied by winds reaching over 100 km/h and hail the size of grapefruits. Near Waco, Texas, hailstones with a diameter of almost 12 centimeters appeared.

“When it was raining, you couldn’t even hear what you were saying,” Texas resident Susan Bass told CBS19. “I have holes in the rear window of the car, a broken mirror and dents in the bodywork,” she added.

In the city of Fort Worth, Texas, lightning struck a tree. Two brothers playing nearby were electrocuted. The boys were hospitalized.

Lightning struck a tree, electrocuting two boys

Lightning struck a tree, electrocuting two boysENEX

Main photo source: ENES

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