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Vipers are becoming more and more active. GOPR rescuers warn

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Snake adders are becoming more and more active. If bitten, stay calm and call for help immediately. Not all attacks end in poisoning, but it is worth staying vigilant even when we feel well.

Zigzag adder (Viper berus) is the only poisonous snake living in Poland. It can be recognized by its “heart-shaped” head, clearly distinguished from the rest of the figure, and by the characteristic dark zigzag along the body. Warmer days mean that snakes are more willing to bask along the roads, where we can meet them.

Vipers like warmth

As rescuers of the Beskidzka GOPR Group from the station in Szczyrk reported on social media, vipers like warmth. These reptiles can be found in sunny places, on the edges of forests or in the grass on unmowed meadows. It's best to get out of the way of the viper you encounter – it won't attack unless it feels threatened. However, this can happen if a tourist accidentally steps on an animal. “It is worth having a stick to clear the grass. If you hear something moving in the grass, you should avoid this place,” he added.

What to do if you are bitten? First of all, calm the bitten person and call for help. A covering dressing must be applied to the wound; the limb should be immobilized and movements within it should be limited. Under no circumstances should the wound be sucked out, pressed or cut. The bitten person should not walk or move the injured limb.

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Viper adder (Vipera berus)Shutterstock

The bite should not be ignored

Although statistically 25 percent of those bitten do not show symptoms of poisoning and the mortality rate does not exceed one percent, the bite should not be underestimated under any circumstances.

– The bite may be more severe in children and the elderly. In children, shock may occur up to 16 hours after the event, despite the lack of local symptoms. Each time you are bitten by a viper, you should quickly notify the emergency services and observe the person, the rescuers emphasized.

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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