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Visa scandal. Citizens of which countries entered Poland from Belarus? Ministry of Foreign Affairs list

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In less than four years, over six thousand citizens of countries other than Belarus have received visas to Poland on the territory of this country – according to a summary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtained by Michał Szczerba, an MP from the Civic Coalition. Visas were granted, among others, to citizens of 28 countries from Asia and 19 from Africa.

The letter that Civic Coalition MP Michał Szczerba received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contains a numerical summary of how many visas citizens of individual countries from the territory of Poland received in 2020-2023. Belarus.

LOOK: List of how many visas citizens of individual countries received from the territory of Belarus in 2020-2023

In less than four years, they received the most visas Belarusians (778 011), Russians (3405) i Ukrainians (1276).

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Citizens also received over a hundred visas issued in Belarus Armenia (305), Kazakhstan (192), Turkmenistan (161) i Azerbaijan (147).

Several dozen visas were granted to citizens Moldova (77), Georgia (68), Uzbekistan (40), Nigeria (39), Tajikistan (36), Kyrgyzstan (33), China (31), Turkey (31), Democratic Republic of the Congo (27), Iran (24), India (23), Israel (20), Cameroon (19), Vietnam (19), Pakistan (16), Libya (15) i Afghanistan (13).

Citizens of Asian and African countries received a visa to Poland in Belarus Albert Zawada/PAP/EPA

The countries from which people who were granted visas to Poland in Belarus in 2020-2023 include, among others, individual citizens Bahamas, Barbados, Rwanda, Komorów, Djibouti Whether Chile.

In total, since 2020, visas to Poland in Belarus have been granted to citizens of 65 countries (28 from Asia, 19 from Africa, 7 from Europe, 5 from North America, 5 from South America and 1 from Australia).

According to a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 41 visas were granted to stateless people.

How many visas were issued in each year?

In total, they were issued in Belarus for almost four years 784 173 visas to Poland, including: – 176,578 in 2020, – 167,402 in 2021, – 268,895 in 2022, – 171,298 so far in 2023.

Szczerba: it’s about betraying the ideals proclaimed by PiS

Michał Szczerba talked about the irregularities in issuing visas in the Monday edition of “Rozmowa Piaseckiego”.

Visa scandal. Michał Szczerba reveals documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The company had to be authorized by the Russian authorities” >>>

– I think it’s really about betrayal. About betrayal of the ideals and values ​​that PiS proclaimed. He promised safety, but created a threat. And it’s very serious, he said.

– Mr. Editor, if he agreed to appear to you (Minister of Foreign Affairs – ed.) Zbigniew Rau, then he would have to answer a key question. Why on Friday, after MP (Dariusz – ed.) Joński and I filed a complaint against him with the prosecutor’s office, he published a message saying that an extraordinary inspection and audit will cover all consular posts of the Republic of Poland – said Szczerba.

– So even Rau, who is our opponent, does not consider this case to be a scandal, like Kaczyński, but considers it a serious scandal, and perhaps a gigantic scam – he added.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the case of Polish visas for bribes Central Anticorruption Bureau. So far, seven people have been charged with possible visa fraud, although the Law and Justice government argues that there is no scandal. Party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski on Saturday he argued that “it’s not even a scandal“.

Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP/EPA

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