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Visa scandal – commission of inquiry. Draft resolution in the Sejm – discussion

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On Tuesday, the Sejm adopted a resolution appointing an investigative committee into the so-called visa scandal.

On Tuesday, the Sejm appointed an investigative committee to investigate the legality, regularity and purposefulness of actions, as well as the occurrence of abuses, negligence and omissions in the legalization of the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland in the period from January 1, 2019 to November 20, 2023.

259 MPs voted in favor, 79 against, and one MP abstained. As many as 114 Law and Justice MPs did not take part in the vote.

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Jabłoński (PiS): We will not be against it. This matter must be investigated and thoroughly explained

During the second reading, Paweł Jabłoński (PiS) declared that his club would not be against this resolution because “indeed, this matter must be explained reliably and comprehensively, i.e. not the way you would like.” – When a commission is appointed, its purpose is to clarify the facts. You also supposedly say: “We want to clarify the facts”, but when facts appear that are potentially unfavorable for you, for Minister Sikorski, you immediately want to run away from them. But don’t worry, we won’t let the Civic Platform escape from these facts, he said.

– This will be a difficult committee for you regarding visas, because its work will primarily explain the systemic mechanism of lies, this great deception that you have served up to the Poles – he said to PO MPs. – You said that Poland has a big problem with migration in order to take power and use this smokescreen to cover your intentions to agree to the EU migration pact and to place decisions on border security under the competence of the EU as part of the change of treaties. We oppose this and we will not allow it. We will keep an eye on your hands, the MP assured.

In his opinion, PO will have a difficult task during the committee because the MPs “will have to explain their lies.” – You lied to Poles that several hundred thousand visas were issued for bribes and you know perfectly well that it was untrue. We have nothing to hide here, Jabłoński emphasized.

Sowa (KO): you have launched a metastatic channel on an unprecedented scale

Marek Sowa (Civic Coalition) said that “the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal is intended to detect irregularities, but also to rebuild citizens’ trust in the state and rebuild trust in Poland as a reliable partner caring for European security.” He pointed to the queues of trucks standing on the border with Poland as an example of a ruined reputation Germany. – These are huge costs that our entrepreneurs must bear. It’s your fault, argued Sowa.

He stated that “the visa scandal that has been going on for five years has been developing in the shadow of images from the Polish-Belarusian border.” – You showed how Border Guard officers protect the Polish border and at the same time you developed visa trading on a massive scale. In the first pilot period of 30 months, about 250,000 people from Africa and Asia came to Poland, said Sowa, addressing the former deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paweł Jabłoński (PiS). He added that these are the numbers provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marek SowaTVN24

As he noted, “anyone could have entered.” – You have launched a transfer channel to Poland, the European Union and even to Poland on an unprecedented scale Mexico – continued the KO MP.

Poland 2050-TD and PSL-TD support the creation of an investigative commission to investigate the visa scandal

Ewa Schaedler (Poland 2050 – TD) said that there may be many people in Poland of whom we do not know where they come from and who they are, and citizens wish and have the right to know who arrived when and where they are. She said that Germany, Canada, United States.

Schaedler said that the Polska 2050 Club – TD is in favor of adopting the resolution.

Aleksandra Leo (Polska2050-TD) said “that the numerous and eager pushbacks used by the Border Service, i.e. pushing people back abroad without giving them the opportunity to apply for refugee status and without the possibility of obtaining asylum, without taking into account their individual situation, are illegal under international law, they did not happen without reason.

She added that “according to the PiS narrative, they were used for security reasons, but in fact they were carried out for profit purposes.” – Because the same people from the pushbacks could later apply for a visa in Minsk, for example, for money. It was not checking or X-raying a person who decided to enter our country, but a bribe – she said.

Urszula Nowogórska from PSL-TD pointed out that “there are suspicions that people involved in the visa procedure also took a number of actions, including interference in the legislative process by preparing legal bases that would make it easier for them to carry out prohibited activities.” – This is particularly about the self-amendment to the Act on special solutions related to prevention, counteracting and combating COVID-19. The Covid Act changed the provision in the Act on Foreigners. Pursuant to the changes introduced, the Minister of Foreign Affairs may issue or refuse to issue a visa, but consuls have been deprived of the instrument of verifying persons, she said.

Urszula Nowogórska from PSL-TD about the visa scandalTVN24

Nowogórska informed that the PSL-TD club supports the creation of the commission.

Konieczny (Left): we are convinced that migration policy can be discussed in a responsible manner

MP Maciej Konieczny announced that the Left supports the creation of an investigative commission and will “actively strive to clarify the matter.”

– We are convinced that migration policy can be discussed in a responsible manner. Without unleashing racist anti-migration hysteria, with respect for human dignity, for the sake of proper and good operation of the state, Konieczny said.

Konieczny (Left): we are convinced that migration policy can be discussed in a responsible manner

Konieczny (Left): we are convinced that migration policy can be discussed in a responsible mannertvn24

– I hope that this commission of inquiry, apart from thoroughly explaining the visa scandal (…), will be an opportunity to look at the system of legalizing the stay of economic migrants in Poland, but also to draw conclusions regarding the migration policy in Poland as a whole – Konieczny said.

Positions of the Confederation and Kukiz’15

MP Krzysztof Mulawa declared that the Confederation would not be against this resolution – We will vote for the establishment of an investigative commission – the MP said. – But we cannot focus on just a selection of the last four years – he added.

Jarosław Sachajko declared that Kukiz’ 15 did not support the resolution. – The proposal to establish this commission harms Poland’s good name. It is harmful, and the issue in question should be explained in detail by an independent prosecutor’s office and the people who participated in this process should be punished by the courts. As Kukiz’ 15, we do not support this, said the MP.


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