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Visa scandal. Radosław Sikorski comments

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Radosław Sikorski, PO MEP and former head of Polish diplomacy, referred to the visa scandal in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. – PiS has decided that Poland is becoming a multi-ethnic country, that we are inviting the largest number of immigrants from outside Europe in our thousand-year history – he said. He assessed that “this is the largest and most lasting aspect of the visa scandal.”

Investigations into irregularities in submitting visa applications are conducted by the National Prosecutor’s Office Central Anticorruption Bureau. The opposition talks about corruption and claims that suspicions arise from hundreds of thousands of documents issued, which is much more than the prosecutor’s office estimates.

Sikorski points to “the largest and most lasting aspect of the visa scandal”

He referred to the matter in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Radosław SikorskiPO MEP, and in the past, among others, the head of Polish diplomacy.

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He stated that “the visa scandal consists of three elements.” – Firstly, by granting visas to people who should not get visas, either on a whim or even for money. Secondly, by buying places in queues for visas at Polish consulates. But thirdly, and most importantly, is that the government PiS He opened the door wide to mass immigration to Poland from Asia and Africa, without consulting the Sejm, without conducting a national discussion, without even publishing the migration strategy, Sikorski said.

– Now they are holding a referendum on an issue they decided on many years ago and which already has consequences that we see on the streets of Polish cities – continued the MEP.

– PiS has decided that Poland is becoming a multi-ethnic country, that we are inviting the largest number of immigrants from outside Europe in our thousand-year history. And now I want to hold a referendum on this matter. This is the biggest and most lasting aspect of the visa scandal, said the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sikorski: what is most striking is PiS’s hypocrisy

Sikorski said that “the most striking thing is PiS’s hypocrisy, because they presented, like nationalists in other European countries, a philosophy that was coherent, that is, ‘more children, fewer migrants'”. – And they did exactly the opposite. The fewest children in Poland, the fewest births since World War II and the most migrants in our history. And this is simply pure hypocrisy, he added. – I understand that in matters of migration, which are difficult, we need a non-racist discussion about how many migrants we want, how many we need, from what countries, from what cultural circles, in what professions, what to do to ensure that they are verified people, what to do to acclimatize here, to become valuable settlers, or perhaps even citizens in the future. This is the discussion we need. But PiS has already let them in and they won’t leave again, he said.

Sikorski on the prime minister’s words: Putin could have taken these words as encouragement

The MEP also commented on the statement Mateusz Morawiecki on Ukraine.

The head of government stated in a conversation with Monika Olejnik that Poland no longer transfers weapons to Ukraine. – We will now arm ourselves with the most modern weapons – he said. – We know perfectly well that Ukraine is defending itself against the brutal Russian attack. We won’t jeopardize her safety. Our hub in Rzeszów, in consultation with the Americans and NATO, still plays the same role – assured the Prime Minister.

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– Everyone thought that Poland and Ukraine were the closest allies, and suddenly such a statement was made that was completely unexpected. I understand that the government spokesman is trying to explain it somehow, but the damage has already happened. And not only in Polish-Ukrainian or Polish-allied relations, commented Sikorski.

Sikorski on the Prime Minister’s words regarding Ukraine: Putin could have taken these words as encouragementTVN24

According to Sikorski, “the worst thing that happened is that Putin could have taken these words as an encouragement, that the West’s determination is weakening, so we have to fight for a few more months and maybe we will win.”

– Poland and Ukraine should stand firm against Putin. Putin is the enemy, not Ukraine, emphasized the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– The fact that we have to arm ourselves is obvious (…). You have to launch production lines, you have to give companies contracts, you have to pay for the readiness to produce equipment, but still you cannot say such things in public, because the whole world hears it, and above all, Putin hears it – pointed out Radosław Sikorski.

Sikorski on the Ukrainian grain issue: it was the PiS government that failed

Sikorski also referred to the crisis related to Ukrainian grain.

– In the case of grain, it is not those who should have made money, because Polish transport should have made money on it, Polish national Railways, Polish ports on the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland to ports, and then to Africa and China. This was the original plan, but PiS did not implement it, he said.

– The PiS Commissioner for Agriculture admitted to me in Strasbourg in the European Parliament that two-thirds of the grain that crossed the EU border did not spill into the European Union, but remained in Poland. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, he added.

He argued that “the PiS government failed and to this day it does not even want to publish the list of companies that made money on it.” – And now he is taking his catastrophe against the European Union and Ukraine. This is irresponsible stupidity, Sikorski said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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