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Visa scandal. World media write about allegations that “may seriously affect the ruling party”

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Illegal migration is a global problem, but Polish consular authorities issue passes to the entire Schengen area, which is why foreign media were also interested in the Polish visa scandal. Reuters suggests that the increasingly widespread scandal surrounding PiS politicians may have a negative impact on the party’s ratings in the upcoming elections.

Visa scandal. What do we know so far?

It is difficult to find global media that have not reported information about the visa scandal in Poland. The American Associated Press agency suggests that reports regarding the possible issuance of up to 250,000 visas by Polish consular services to migrants from Asia and Africa – in exchange for bribes – may have a wide impact on the results of the upcoming elections in Poland. “These allegations may seriously hit the conservative ruling party (…), which has placed opposition to migration at the center of its policy,” AP reports.

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The latest reports about visas issued by Poland in exchange for cash – according to the AP agency – are also reported by, among others, the Canadian daily “Toronto Star”, which reminds that “the Polish populist government has repeatedly refused to accept migrants under the EU program.” The daily also adds that in 2022, the Polish government “spent about PLN 1.6 billion on a massive wall along the border with Belarus, which was supposed to block the inflow of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.” The case was also drawn to the attention of the Pakistani independent news agency EMEA Tribune and “The South China Morning Post”, an English-language newspaper from Hong Kong.

“There are those who sell land or a house to pay these people to make an appointment with the consul.”Maciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

“It’s embarrassing for PiS”

The European media is commenting more broadly on the visa scandal in our country. “The Polish government is under fire following reports of the practice of issuing visas in exchange for money. The ruling party is trying to distance itself from the scandal, which may reduce its support before the elections next month,” writes POLITICO. The portal reminds that PiS is the main party in Poland pushing an anti-immigrant approach. Especially towards people from Muslim countries, and the fact that this government is now in the middle of a migration scandal is summarized briefly by the French weekly “Le Point”: “it is embarrassing for PiS in the middle of the election campaign.”

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Reuters also suggests that the increasingly widespread visa scandal involving PiS politicians may have a negative impact on the party’s ratings in the upcoming elections. “This may be harmful to the ruling nationalist Law and Justice party, which has promoted a tough stance on immigration,” Reuters emphasizes. Referring to the agency’s dispatch, “The Times of India” reminds that, according to Eurostat data, Poland has issued almost two million work visas to foreigners over the last three years. The most among European Union countries.

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