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Vistula. Childbirth in the parking lot of the clinic, the mother with her healthy daughter were taken to the hospital in Cieszyn

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The girl was born in the parking lot of the clinic in Wisła (Silesian Voivodeship). The pregnant woman hoped to go from the clinic to the hospital by ambulance, but she did not even manage to enter the building. Now mother and daughter are in the hospital in Cieszyn. – I visited them on Saturday. They both feel very well – says Maria Bekiesz-Nowara, head of the “Dziechcinka” clinic.

Employees of the private clinic “Dziechcinka” in Wisła met with an unusual situation on Friday (June 16). A baby was born in the parking lot in front of the facility. The pregnant woman hoped that an ambulance would take her from the hospital to the hospital. However, she did not even manage to enter the facility.

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They both feel very good

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As the head of the clinic Maria Bekiesz-Nowara announced on Monday, childbirth began right outside the door of the facility. – At first, the woman was helped by a random person who was passing by. Soon after, a doctor and a nurse from our facility came running. They delivered. We also immediately called an ambulance – reports Bekiesz-Nowara.

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An ambulance took the mother and the newborn to the hospital in Cieszyn. – I visited them on Saturday. They both feel very good. We are happy that everything ended well. There were no complications – said the head of “Dziechcinka”.

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Why was there no ambulance at the clinic?

Bekiesz-Nowara said that the woman who went into labor hoped to find an ambulance at the clinic. However, it is not stationed in Wisła 24 hours a day.

– Many people think that the ambulance service here operates on an outpatient basis. However, this is not the case, it only provides Christmas and night help. He is on duty from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. We work until 6 pm. We operate “overlapping” – explained the head of the Vistula clinic.

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