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Vitamin D overdose has serious consequences. Experts warn

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Vitamin D is associated with the sun or the pill. In summer, we should have enough of it, so the supplement pill can wait until autumn. However, it does not wait – doctors, not only in Poland, are alarming that we take too much of it. Its excess may be more dangerous to your health than its deficiency. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A middle-aged British citizen took 20 vitamin D supplements daily – his history was published in the scientific medical journal BMJ case reports.

In total, he supplied himself as much as 150,000 units a day – almost a hundred times more than the recommended, prophylactic dose. – These are medicinal substances and if we consume too much of them, we can expect the effects of overdosing or even poisoning – warns the pediatrician and immunologist Paweł Grzesiowski.

And that’s exactly what happened with the Brit. The man was hospitalized with recurring vomiting, abdominal pain and leg cramps. In three months, he lost almost 13 kilograms. It turned out that he had elevated serum calcium levels and acute kidney damage.

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Such an overdose is infrequent, but Polish doctors know similar cases. The endocrinologist Szymon Suwała referred a patient to the hospital himself, who took 50,000 units of vitamin D a day.

– This patient developed kidney stones, which she absolutely did not know about before, neurological disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, of course everything reversed to some extent, but it does not change the fact that she overdosed on vitamin D enough that it caused problems – she says .

Vitamin D overdose has serious consequences

According to the principle that everything is poison and nothing is poison – vitamin D in appropriately selected doses has a beneficial effect on the body, in excess – it destabilizes it.

– The main reason for these complications is the high level of calcium in the blood, it is deposited in various organs and if we do not stop it, it can lead to very serious consequences that, despite the withdrawal of vitamin D3, may persist – explains Grzesiowski.

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Vitamin D supplementation is not as easy as it may seem. Doctors estimate that up to 80-90 percent of people living in our climate zone may be deficient in this vitamin. This can lead to problems with the skeletal system, but also lead to a decrease in immunity or the development of civilization diseases.

In summer, the sun provides adequate levels of vitamin D

In summer, it is easier to find its appropriate level, because it is produced in the body under the influence of sunlight. Often, holiday contact with the sun is enough, as long as it is safe, add dermatologists.

– Even when using maximum filters, if we use the sun in a holiday way, i.e. excessive, because we are always hungry, we lie on the beach, there is so much sun that the fifty filter ensures a sufficiently high synthesis of vitamin D – says dermatologist Bartłomiej Kwiek.

The case was confirmed by scientific research in which Polish dermatologists, including prof. Aleksandra Lesiak and prof. Joanna Narbutt. Doctors, however, emphasize that in the fall and winter, the matter becomes more complicated, and it is best to select the appropriate dose with a doctor after examining its concentration in the blood.

– We have patients who took 2-3 thousand units a day and their level was low, and we also have patients who took a thousand units and their level was high – emphasizes Grzesiowski. It can be influenced both by the preparation itself and the individual conditions of the patient.

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