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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Vladimir Kar-Murza: How much time do you still need after 22 years of Vladimir Putin’s rule?

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Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Russian opposition activist and former director of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation, criticized the West. How much time do you still need after 22 years of Vladimir Putin’s rule? – he asked during the Warsaw Security Forum conference. This is a comment on the current policy of the West towards Russia and the lack of sanctions. These, of course, are, but according to Vladimir Kara-Murzy there should be more of them.

– For us, Russian democrats, the sight of Western leaders talking about potential cooperation and reaching out to Putin was as irritating as his government – he said at the Warsaw Security Forum Vladimir Kara-Murza. The Russian oppositionist recalled that he began working with Boris Nemtsov around the same time that Vladimir Putin came to power.


– We saw the signs right away. Restoring the Stalinist anthem, closing independent editorial offices, we have seen the beginnings of the rigging of elections, a process that is now over. At the same time, we watched as Western leaders greeted Putin on the red carpet. It made us angry – emphasized Kara-Murza.

Vladimir Kara-Murza criticizes the relations between the West and Vladimir Putin

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– But to be honest, hearing the same after 20 years of Putin’s rule, we think that it sounds absurd. I recently read an article in Politico. It concerned the current American administration and the fact that the so-called Magnitsky’s law to target specific kleptocrats and oligarchs that the law was used against so many countries, from Nicaragua to Ukraine. But these provisions were not used against the regime for which they were created at all: the regime of Vladimir Putin and his close circle, said the former director of the foundation, Boris Nemtsov.

Władimir Kara-Murza at the Warsaw Security ForumTVN24

Vladimir Kara-Murza stressed that the article quoted an anonymous White House official who argued that the reason Magnitsky’s law was not used against Russia is that “the Biden administration wants to give Putin more time to prove that can be a partner. ” – How much time do you still need after 22 years of his rule? After annexations, wars, hundreds of political prisoners after the murder of the opposition leader in front of the Kremlin itself. How much time do you need? – He was asking.

– Again, it’s not annoying anymore, it’s just absurd. I just hope that this anonymous official does not represent the real politics of the White House, he said.

Warsaw Security Forum is an annual international conference organized by Fundacja im. Casimir Pulaski. This year it was held on 5-6 October and hosted the most important state and military representatives as well as experts in the field of foreign policy, security and defense.

Main photo source: TVN24

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