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Vladimir Putin about Poland. The expert comments on the purpose of the statement: The Russians are trying to drive a wedge between Poland and Ukraine

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The Russians are trying to drive a wedge between Poland and Ukraine, Agnieszka Legucka, an analyst for Russia at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, said in “Fakty po Faktach”, referring to Vladimir Putin’s recent statements about Poland. Reserve Colonel Maciej Matysiak commented on the considerations regarding the new NATO defense concept. – Strategically, such thinking is the most expedient – he noted.

The speech was broadcast on Russian television on Friday Vladimir Putin from a meeting of the Security Council. – When it comes to Polish leaders, they probably want to form a coalition under the “NATO umbrella” and directly join the conflict in Ukrainein order to “tear off” a wider piece for themselves, to restore their – as they believe – historical territories: today’s western Ukraine – said Putin, among others.

He also stated that “it was thanks to the Soviet Union, thanks to Stalin’s position, that Poland received considerable land in the West, German“. – It’s just like this: the western territory of today’s Poland is Stalin’s gift to the Poles. Have our friends in Warsaw forgotten about it? We will remind you – said Putin.

Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the Security CouncilPAP/EPA/ALEXANDER KAZAKOV / SPUTNIK / KREMLIN POOL

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In connection with these statements on Saturday, urgently to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was summoned by the Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev.

Expert: The Russians are trying to drive a wedge between Poland and Ukraine

The case was addressed in the Saturday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” by dr hab. Agnieszka Legucka, research analyst Russia Polish Institute of International Affairs. “Putin has been creating himself as such a history buff lately. Anyway, in 2019 he launched attacks on Poland, especially when it comes to this historical dimension. He then accused us of starting World War II, she said.

– And Poland now, especially when it supports Ukraine so much both militarily and humanitarian, has become one of the countries that is directly attacked by the Russian authorities, including Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev – emphasized the TVN24 interlocutor.

According to the expert, the Russians are “trying to drive a wedge between Poland and Ukraine”. – And the issue of the alleged detachment of Ukraine and even Belarus is very eagerly raised by both Russian and Belarusian propaganda – she added.

Legucka: The Russians are trying to drive a wedge between Poland and UkraineTVN24

Referring to Putin’s words about Stalin, Legucka assessed that “this is addressed in particular to the Russian and perhaps international audience.” “And the issue is that Vladimir Putin, who was internally weakened by Prigozhin’s rebellion, is now trying to reinvent himself as this strong leader,” she said.

Questions about NATO’s new defense concept

Reserve Colonel Maciej Matysiak, expert of the STRATPOINTS foundation, former deputy head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, referred to the statement of the former head of the National Security Bureau, Stanisław Koziej, who stated that the Alliance’s defense plans adopted at the NATO summit in Vilnius “adjust the concept of advanced defense to the needs of the Second Cold War with Russia”. “It can be described as the doctrine of preemptive defense. Its political trademark is the readiness to defend ‘every inch’ of allied territory,” he wrote.

The TVN24 guest was asked what exactly this means and whether, for example, we grant ourselves the right to hit the Wagnerians in Belarus right on our border before they hit us. – Strategically, of course, such thinking is the most expedient, but if we refer to the current situation, absolutely not – replied Colonel Matysiak.

– Here, the situation would have to become very aggravated, inflame and we would have to see symptoms of preparing a real strike on the territory of either Poland or NATO’s eastern flank. But such symptoms are not visible, and the presence of Wagnerians is nothing special – he said.

Col. Matysiak: strategically, of course, such thinking is very expedient

Colonel Matysiak: strategically, of course, such thinking is the most expedientTVN24

The expert reminded that “there are many more soldiers in the Königsberg region and these forces have much greater potential and were even greater until the Russians withdrew part of it precisely because of the invasion of Ukraine.”

– At present, this is a purely theoretical consideration in terms of strategic plans, not current activities, so I would like to absolutely calm down here. The more so that the potential of Russian and Belarusian aggression is very much limited due to the involvement in Ukraine, he added.


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