Vladimir Putin goes to Pyongyang. “North Korea has proven to be a very valuable partner”


Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to North Korea. Kim Jong Un is already waiting for him there, and perhaps more rockets and missiles for the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Ukrainians hit Russian fuel depots near the Sea of ​​Azov.

An attack by Ukrainian drones lit up the sky over Azov. The target of the raid was fuel depots. It took many hours to extinguish the fire. – Officially, Ukraine has not admitted that these are its drones, but unofficially it is known that the Security Service of Ukraine is behind the attack, which has announced that it will continue to destroy the foundations of the Russian economy – reported Oleh Biletsky, a Ukrainian journalist, from Kiev.

While Russian fuel depots were burning, Vladimir Putin was visiting Yakutia, one of Russia's easternmost regions and one of its poorest. He didn't say a word about the war in Ukraine, although thousands of soldiers went to the front from there. – I remember, I used to come here in winter, it was minus 50 degrees. I was afraid to touch my ears lest they break, recalled Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Yakutia was just a short stopover for the president on his way to North Korea, where Vladimir Putin will be welcomed on a grand scale. “We warmly welcome the President of the Russian Federation, Comrade Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” – this is one of the propaganda slogans. “Korean-Russian friendship will last forever!” – that's another one.

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“North Korea has proven to be a very valuable partner”

Despite the exaltation of North Korean television, there is nothing to talk about friendship. This is the first visit by a Russian president to North Korea in 24 years.

– Here we see a rapprochement of these countries, which is the result of Russia's need for ammunition and armament for the purpose of conducting further military operations in Ukraine. North Korea turned out to be a very valuable partner from Russia's point of view, said Dr. Oskar Pietrewicz from the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

After the first months of the war in Ukraine, Russia began to run out of artillery shells. According to various sources, Pyongyang has already delivered between two and five million of them. It also delivered ballistic missiles – since the beginning of the year, Russia has attacked Ukraine with them at least 20 times. In the winter, Ukrainians showed their remains. North Korea needs food, fuel and Russian technology. That is why, last fall, Putin hosted North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Vladimir Putin wants to show that he has destructive influence not only in Europe

Vladimir Putin visited Pyongyang only once – in 2000. Then he forgot about North Korea for a long time. Now he had to remember her.

– Both of them have a lot in common in terms of their general political message when it comes to opposition to US policy. I think that it is also important for Vladimir Putin that he shows the United States and Western countries that Russia has destructive potential not only in Europe, commented Oskar Pietrewicz.

“We are concerned about the deepening relationship between these two countries, not only because of the impact it will have on the Ukrainian people, although we know that North Korean missiles are still being used to attack Ukraine, but because of security on the Korean Peninsula,” John said. Kirby of the United States National Security Council.

South Korea will also be anxiously awaiting the effects of this visit.

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