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Vladimir Putin got a portrait. Moscow doesn't want to show it

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Vladimir Putin he has been in the capital since Tuesday North Korea. President Russia came to visit Kim Jong Un for the first time in 24 years. The Korean dictator saw this visit as an occasion requiring special preparation, that's why decided to give Putin a commemorative gift – a portrait.

According to the Nexta agency, Russian media do not want to show the portrait given to Putin, because it is supposed to evoke undesirable associations. The image of the President of Russia surrounded by black and white engravings is reminiscent of… style images placed on tombstones.

A controversial portrait of Vladimir Putin. This is not the only gift from Kim Jong Un

In addition to the portrait, Vladimir Putin also received a bust with his likeness from Kim Jong Un, as well as two hunting dogs.

In turn, the Russian leader gave a gift to the host Aurus limousine, tea set and a knife.

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Vladimir Putin in North Korea. “Support for Russia's policy”

Vladimir Putin's trip to North Korea is a return visit after Kim Jong Un's arrival in Vladivostok last year. It was then that the leaders made a promise to themselves closer relations between the two countries, also in military matters.

– We greatly appreciate the consistent and unwavering support for Russian policy, including Ukrainian direction – Putin said during his stay in Pyongyang.

One of the goals of the Russian president's visit to North Korea is to:ć negotiations with the most important politicians of the North Korean regime.

Source: Nexta, Reuters

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