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Vladimir Putin is a “petitioner” of Xi Jinping. China wants the war in Ukraine to continue

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Vladimir Putin is trying to make China its equal partner. However, Beijing wants the prolonged war in Ukraine to lead to Moscow's vassalization, writes Business Insider, citing experts.

The Russian dictator came to Beijing with a large business delegation. Although China are the most important market for Russia, he means not only their economic support, but a serious strategic alliance. He also wants to balance the economic relations of both countries because of aggression UkraineRussia found itself as a supplicant in this relationship – says Business Insider.

Chels Michta, an expert at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), explains that while China's support allowed the Russian economy to survive Western sanctions, this cooperation served Chinese interests more than Moscow's.

Vladimir Putin in ChinaMIKHAIL METZEL/PAP/EPA

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Putin would like to persuade Beijing to support the gas pipeline project from Siberia to China, in the hope that providing them with large amounts of cheap gas will bind the two countries in a “closer geopolitical alliance” and balance their relations. But time is on China's side, which can wait for larger gas supplies until 2030, according to an analysis by the Center for Global Energy Policy at Columbia University.

Progressing “vassalization of Moscow towards Beijing”

Beijing maintains that it wants a peaceful solution to the conflict and has even announced a peace plan for Ukraine that would allow Moscow to retain its territorial gains, but some political scientists believe that China wants the war to drag on.

This opinion is shared by Michta, who believes that the isolation of Russia by the West and economic sanctions lead to “Moscow's vassalization towards Beijing”, and this works to the advantage of the Middle Kingdom, the portal reports.

China hopes that Russia, which is increasingly dependent on them, will provide it with its latest military technologies, which would allow it to make a major leap in the development of this sector, Michta estimates.

Putin and Xi JinpingGettyImages

As the war against Ukraine drags on, Moscow is strengthening ties with Beijing, increasing exports of energy resources to China and purchasing technologically advanced parts for the defense industry from Chinese companies. Russia and China have also conducted a series of joint military maneuvers in recent years.

Main photo source: MIKHAIL METZEL/PAP/EPA

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