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Vladimir Putin visits China. “Russia's strategic situation would be much more difficult if it weren't for China.”

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Vladimir Putin is being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. In China, however, he is treated like a world leader and is told that both countries are “good neighbors, friends and partners.” The Russians are attacking on the Ukrainian front. The Ukrainians are on the defensive.

A red carpet and a company of honor – not everywhere in the world a leader wanted on an international arrest warrant could feel so comfortable, but in China Putin was welcomed as a friend.

– This is a milestone in the development of our relations. Over the past 75 years, Russia and China have been building a new path of two neighboring powers, side by side, full of mutual respect and fruitful cooperation for both sides, says Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Without this “fruitful cooperation”, Putin would not be able to survive international isolation. Beijing is now his number one destination. He took the most important ministers with him on his first trip abroad after being sworn in again.

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– We can be proud that relations between Russia and China are at the highest level in history and we have achieved a sincere, strategic partnership, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The West appeals to Xi Jinping

This “sincere partnership” worries Ukraine's allies, who are calling on Xi to use his position to force the dictator to end the war. So far, to no avail. It benefits China to make Russia dependent.

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Vladimir Putin met with Xi Jinping in BeijingReuters

– Russia's strategic situation would certainly be much, much more difficult if it were not for China. The very fact that Russia now has the strategic initiative in this war again and that it can win this war is indirectly thanks to China – comments Dr. Hab. Michał Lubina, political scientist from the Jagiellonian University.

The Russians are trying to break the front line

The Russians have occupied over 270 square kilometers in Ukraine over the last week. This is the largest area they have conquered in a year and a half.

– United States help is crucial for us, but the interruption in arms supplies has had a serious impact on the situation on the front and we see the consequences. The situation on the battlefield is progressing faster than we would like, says Serhiy Rachmanin, member of the Ukrainian Parliament's Committee on National Security.

This is also seen by Americans who, according to the New York Times, are worried that Russia's current progress may determine the fate of this war.

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The President of Ukraine canceled his foreign visits and headed to Kharkov, where the Russians are trying to break the front line.

– Our units managed to partially stabilize the situation. The occupiers who entered the Kharkiv region were destroyed by all possible means, drones, artillery, and our infantry forces, emphasizes Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Russians are fighting for a foothold in Vovchansk, where a dramatic evacuation of civilians is underway. The Institute for War Studies says Russia plans to create a 10-kilometer buffer zone in the Kharkiv Oblast, which would put Kharkiv within the range of its artillery.


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